Confession: I Did It To Become What I Want

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I did it, if i did it book




It’s true; I did it.

Some time ago my life was different. I didn’t know. What I did was not what I wanted. Your daily routines are maybe different from mine, but with a few changes, small changes, mine got different. I know now, what I want, what to do.


Life is about a lot of things,

get up, go to the bathroom

get dressed


but there are a few things you should add to this.

We are all looking for a success in something, you remember that

when you think about it.

Daily tasks make day after day pass by, wonderful,

you should not just let them pass

in the evening, before going to bed,

take a moment and  appreciate all the good things during the day

appreciation makes you sleep better

when you wake up, be grateful for waking up

when you are, you start the day in a better way

get up, go to the bathroom

get dressed


and then you should add a few more things to your routine

You do what you have to do

but is it what you really want?

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