Increase Your Attraction While Doing Other Things (2 Secret Methods)

Increase Your Attraction While Doing Other Things (2 Secret Methods)

Increase Your Attraction While Doing Other Things (2 Secret Methods)

The Law of Attraction tool I want you to learn about today, is the most useful tool I have seen in a long, long time. It is great for gaining clarity, get what you want faster, and at least for some, more accurate than so many other methods or techniques. Before I let you in on this secret, let’s also dig into the second best option I have seen in a long time. It is time to take yourself to another level. Here is the best and second best methods (I have seen), to Increase Your Attraction While Doing Other Things.

The Second Best Way To Increase Your Attraction While You Do Other Things

If I could offer only one tool, one exercise to help you attract more of what you want, it would be this one. It makes the Law of Attraction help you so much more, simply because everything gets so clear. Each week there are people telling how they attracted their ideal job, mate, home or experience through this simple tool. Thousands of people have learned the value of this exercise. Now It’s Your Turn.

Do you have a desire that is not yet realized?

Are you experiencing confusion around a given subject?  Are you afraid you’ll get something you don’t want? If so, then here’s how you can benefit from doing this little exercise:

Step 1

Pick a subject that you want clarity about or want to feel better about. Be creative in your subject title. Instead of calling it “My Ideal Client” try something like: “Clients I have the most fun working with” or “This type of client knocks my sock off!”

Step 2

Using a blank sheet of paper, draw a large letter “T” on the page. Label the left column, “I don’t like…” and the right column, “I do like…”

Step 3

Begin on the left side, by asking yourself:  What don’t I like in regard to this subject? Think of as many things as you can. Don’t stop at two or three–aim for 20 items or more. This will remove low frequency vibrations that slow down or block you from receiving what you DO like.

Step 4

Now, take each item and ask yourself, “If I don’t like this, what DO I like?” And write your answer using the BEST words you can find.

Make Yourself An Attraction Machine

I Want YOU To Make this even clearer and show you how you really Increase Your Attraction While Doing Other Things with this method. Of course, you do want to check out the most incredible method I will show you after this, because when you combine these two, you really have yourself an Attraction Machine. So firstly, here is an example on how you deal with the wording, it’s very important that you read this carefully:

How You Use The Right Wording

The way you use your words does matter. In your “don’t like” coloumn, you just write the keywords. These are the things you do not want to focus so much about. But, having said that, also notice that the clearer you are, the better results you get in the other end, describing what you DO like.

Let’s say that one of the items in your “I don’t like…” column was: “An angry customer.” If I was coaching you now, I would ask yoy to say more and mention other things you don’t like or want from your new customers. The more you can say about your not wanted customers, the more you would know about the customers you do want. This makes it a lot easier to attract the right customers to your business. Of course, you can use this method with anything, and by practice you get better and better at it.

In the end, after you have done things as clear as possible, you will find that it’s easier to say what customers you do want, and you will naturally attract them. The clearer you manage to describe the general customer, the easier you attract those people. AND, when you understand the power of the next method (the really secret one) that I want to show you, you are more likely to see how these two methods creates an invincible combination.

Improve As You Go Along

Every now and then, you should consider whether your wording actually tell you exactly what you want. If there are places or words in your answers that can be interpreted in several ways, then you will find that the law of attraction will interpret it several ways. That is also a part of the perfection within the law of attraction. Ask yourself, “Is this specific enough?”  And see if you can make it even clearer by using the method above. Doing this exercise on several things you want will give you even MORE clarity.

Since you are aware of what you want and keep your focus there, you will attract more faster. Even science has proven that, not only the people who test it and takes it seriously. Now, have a look at this:

Here is The Real Inner Secret To How You

Increase Your Attraction While Doing Other Things

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One thing about this method is how easy it is, and to make things EVEN EASIER, I have made a “Package” of 3 Tools and added some awesome bonuses (or gifts, whatever you prefer to call them :-). They are, of course, Completely Free. Together, these 3 tools can change your life in every aspect there is,and with the gifts you can make your life even better.

So I tried out this Quiz and it has totally changed me, not only because of how shockingly weird the questions are but of the amazing results that was given to me after I was done.

how to increase attracting anything while doing other things
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how to increase attracting anything while doing other things

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