Inspiration For Your Ambition, a Story About Building Boats?

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Making a boat, can be different things. All kinds of stuff can happen. I just want to share that story, but first, here’s a bit of the why I wanted to share it:

Newbie to network marketing? When you do your stuff, you’ll soon find out that working from home can be just as frustrating as


it can be a release from less inspiring kind of work.

The first months of building a business are very exciting. Learning a whole lot of new stuff, your own business takes you into new challenges and you keep finding new ways of doing what you need to do.

Excitement keeps you up and running, more and more details get organized the right way and you just feel the urge of that success you’ve been wanting for so long…

… and then there was all this other stuff…

  • You have to make sure that your family has a life.

  • You need to run and keep up a daily life that makes sense for everyone.

  • You do what you can to make things get right in the end.

  • You set toward the goals you’ve made and make sure you get there in time.

waiting for that success

Technical routines makes you stuck sometimes, you can handle it, or you go searching for the answers. Some days are tough to deal with, you use the time set for a day’s work just to make that small detail right.

It has to be right before you can start doing all the other things you were supposed to do.

Days without inspiration, tearing your hair to find the solution fast. You want the action. NOW

Those days, when you wish you had someone to ask… the little detail that stopped the whole process, how to solve it and find the support for your ambitions?

Where is that support…

www.ohingeneral.comApart from everywhere, it’s not that easy to find the right answer.

Support can be so many things. Some people are good at one thing while another human can help you with something else.

Where is that support?

Ever had an idea that you’re not alone, running a business online?

There are thousands and some always find the best way of building that business.

You might have the best product in the world, so why not go for what other people do as beginners?

Join other people

Hundreds of people join other people every day. There are billions of people, some of them can help you, find them and join them.

Too many people? No, not at all.

Check this one:

If you lined up every Chinese and they should pass you. Did you know that the line would NEVER END?

You see, this is due to the reproduction. That’s only China, just a quarter of the people in the world…

How about a system or a platform?

People join people to help each other and give each other support. You can be the one that help some people and you get help from someone else.

Being alone, in front of your computer, never be able to speak to someone else about this matter, can be very hard. You’re not the first to experience that. There is always a solution.

What if asking a person saved you the work of two days? Nice, right?

There are systems, but they are usually set up to do exactly what they tell you, completely without any flexibility. Just one thing to do, what they tell you. That’s why I like platforms, you should test one.

Your Stuff Matters, so get it out there!

If you don’t do it, some day, some other will. There are still billions of people. They are all just like you, they get ideas, and if you had one, others can get it.

How about this;

You have an idea:

You decide that you will get some lessons.

  • How to make it rank in the search engines
  • How to spread the information while you wait
  • How you can write an interesting article
  • How you can make more interesting articles based on the first one
  • How to get an audience
  • How to make sales
  • How to make your business more interesting
  • How you can earn more money on your material
  • How your idea can be the source of your future, gigantic fortune
  • How you can work less and earn more
  • How you can combine different techniques and automatically grow your readers, viewers, listeners, commenters, fans, members or whatever you see fit your business.


www.ohingeneral.comYou have a whole lot of people ready to help you to succeed with YOUR STUFF!


You; “… and what if I sit here, right now, saying; MY STUFF????”

Well, there’s of course a solution for that, too. (Some patience now, I didn’t forget about the boat).

Recently (as of the last 7 months when this is released) there was this platform, made by a 7-figure-earner, tired of all the scams out there.

He actually decided, one day – a few years ago, he wanted to fight the scams. Online marketing, network marketing, everything that you, me and everyone who

  • makes money online,
  • want to make money online,
  • want to learn the online “magic”,

can be used with this platform. You can use it for anything, that’s the thing about a platform. Everything you need to make an online business is available. He actually made it in a way that can help even offline small businesses, like coffee shops, florists, travel agencies and whatever you can imagine.

How about a bunch of people, burning of the desire to make their business a success, who loves to help out others? That’s one of the major benefits you get in those quality platforms. (Should you be interested, you can always check it out here)

Now, how about that inspiration, if you decide to find some friends online?

There are several ways to find helpful people. There is usually a catch, and it may vary. People that can help are usually doing that as a part of their business. Be sure you contact people you can trust. Most people are friendly, they actually do the same as you, looking for some answers online, hoping to succeed.

This is actually why I joined a platform, I get help from people who are there to help, not to empty my wallet. You will find support for your ambition with others. I recommend joining a serious quality platform, for several reasons:

  • You know that what you get is what works. Simply because your success is needed to make the platform work.
  • You don’t have to surf the entire internet to find millions of trainings (on what you’re stuck on) that:
  1. doesn’t work…
  2. are so incomplete that they are more a waste of time than of any help

unless you pay…

  1. If you should pay for trainings, make sure they are of good quality.
  • The most important thing is to find that platform where you have a ton of people ready to give you the advice you need.
  • Another sign of quality, is that you get coaching, 1 on 1, the best platforms give you all the information you need to succeed. Most of them with different levels, but you have to at least start somewhere and grow with your business, right?

You may still wonder how a story about building a boat can be the inspiration for you ambition? … Soon there, this is just a reminder, or simply an inspiration to continue.


You understand, by now, that’s how I started and I’m still there. If you like people, I suggest you do the same, and get the bonus of being able to SAVE A LOT OF YOUR TIME.

There’s no reason for me to hide it. I’ve learned a lot through the companies I’ve joined. They do different things, and since my stuff consists of too many interests (my problem – you can learn from that: do one thing at a time. Life is long enough to change things when you feel for it, (lol), but I started with different things and always work on something that’s in my interest. I like it.), I had to use different platforms for my business, you don’t necessary need that for yours.

The most important advice is to find the solution to your needs. Inside a community of people who knows what you need, (even asking you if you did this or that), is far more valuable, than just asking anyone for everything.

Here’s a story I carry from my childhood. My father told it, now and again. I’ve always lived close to the ocean, so boats have always been in my interest, and here is the story of a neighbor where my father grew up. He wanted to build his own boat;

Building A Boat

He started in his yard, of course ( a lot of people do). He happened to live in an area where a lot of people were passing by, every day. Friendly and proud as he was, he loved to talk about his boat when they were passing by. Several of them came up with good ideas on what he would need in his boat, and he took the advice, and kept on building his boat. Some had suggestions not to this and others to do that instead.

After about six months, he ran into a lot of problems. He didn’t really recognize his own boat. He’d been working hard to make it his, but it just didn’t come out right. All the details he had planned, were changed into something that looked like it was put together from very different things. It didn’t look pretty at all. He got angry at himself, and left the boat. BUT, he didn’t give up.

Here’s what he did:

He started building a new boat, from his original drawings, and when people dropped by, coming up with all their suggestions; he just pointed at the old boat, saying;” There’s Your boat. Now I’m building mine.”

He got very pleased with his own boat, and, funny as it is, so were all the people passing by. Now they were saying; “Yes, that’s also a possibility.”

Listen To Others, But Keep To Your Plan

Getting advice and support from other people, is a good thing, but you don’t have to do it exactly as they do it. You can implement the ideas and create your own business out of them. That’s the important thing. Do what others are doing and you will find your business disappear rather quickly (unless you buy all the services you need to succeed. That’s of course a possibility online. I know millionaires who makes their money that way.)

If you want to check out what I use, I drop you a link here. To protect my information from the bad people online, I need you to sign in to get it, and you should whitelist my email address. You can always unsubscribe from my e-mails. That’s also an important part of a serious business. Make sure your e-mails can be unsubscribed.

“I quit doing things I don’t like or don’t want to do.”

My life has changed and I know, there is more to come, and I just love it. When you let your ambitions get the necessary inspiration to keep on moving to the goals you’ve set, network marketing is a great way of meeting new people, learn new skills and make life more exciting.

How a story about building a boat can be the inspiration for you ambition?

– Life is a pretty experience, moment by moment by moment…  and they keep coming as long as you control it or until you end it.

Who would end something that’s just good?

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration For Your Ambition, a Story About Building Boats?”

  1. Ok, I am going to build a boat! Thanks to you, Odd Helge 🙂
    Really nice post. Your words ring so true. At times, we can become so distracted by what other people have to say and forget our real motivation – ourselves. I totally agree with you. Life can get in the way of ‘everything’…we just need to prioritize and keep focused.
    Thanks for the message.

    1. Thanks for dropping by Michelle,
      and thank you for your kind words.

      It’s very important to follow our own compasses. I believe that we all benefit from each others directions. Meaning, by doing what we are supposed to do, we help other people, without even knowing it. Focus of making our own lives interesting and helping when we see it’s needed, also carry a responsibility to make sure our help really is a help and not another obstacle. On the other hand we have a responsibility when receiving help, namely to check it towards what we originally planned. That way, we also help each other to do the necessary quality control, that makes living a life a very exciting experience.

      Keep your focus and smile more often than you want, and you’ll make more friends than you knew was possible.

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