Why Not Work Home As A Career Change?

You know what you want, but not where to look, so why not work home as a career change? There are some facts you need to get straight. You need to build that confidence and trust yourself. When you do that stuff and find what works for you, amazing things will happen. Here you have a few ideas on how to start your change.

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How To Believe in Yourself and Not Your Ego?

You should believe in yourself and not your ego, the stuff your ego tells you isn’t necessarily good. Why believe in yourself? It’s not an uncommon question, but we easily ignore it or let our ego make the decision. Your stuff matters, so If you care for your stuff, keep reading, this will help you out.
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When Life Tells You To Change Something, Change it



and discover the magic of life

Hi, This is Me having a break

Do you wonder what I’m doing when I don’t have a break? You see, Life told me to change something, so I changed it…



Having a break at the office in the north of Norway

Here I am, At Work

Have a good look at the next picture… or just click it 🙂

Online Marketing Made Easy

At Work in the north of Norway

Ok, as you can see, I smile a bit more when I’m at work than when I’m on a break. And What I do? Click any of the Images and you’ll see.

Curious about what happened? You do find a lot about that and what’s going on now, by going through the posts on this website.

You see, when life tells you to make some changes, you should change it. It is a very STRONG signal that other – usually more fun things – are waiting for you to

I DID, AND I’M NOT TURNING BACK. Moving forward day by day, and everyday I’m looking forward to get up in the morning and start another rather exciting day.

Yeah, I know, sounds exhausting, but it is the opposite…

OH, my Name? It’s Odd Helge Hveding, hehehe, TRUE, It is weird in English, but in Norwegian, it is just Odd. 🙂

I Work Here

Online Marketing Made Easy

Have a look at what I do, and I really recommend it to anyone who is willing to have a better life.


And, be sure to follow the instructions and only look forward.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Lunch In Italy

A View On How To Make Sure Your Marketing Works

You can look at different marketers – they seem to do very different things, and still get away with it. It is a fascinating journey where you learn about marketing and how to make sure your marketing works. When you start to understand it, it even gets easier to make the results you want.

Two things are for certain about marketing, your customers:

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There is always an easier solution