Confession: I Did It To Become What I Want

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It’s true; I did it.

Some time ago my life was different. I didn’t know. What I did was not what I wanted. Your daily routines are maybe different from mine, but with a few changes, small changes, mine got different. I know now, what I want, what to do.

Life is about a lot of things, Continue reading Confession: I Did It To Become What I Want

Your Stuff Matters – How You deal with it decides …

Looking for stuff? You can get stuff everywhere, online or offline. You have stuff and Your Stuff Matters. Better; You Are Stuff and That is actually Your Gold Mine.your stuff matters, free stuff, buy stuff online, make money online

YOU also have access to THE MOST PRECIOUS FREE STUFF YOU CAN IMAGINE. Your stuff matters, whatever it is. How you deal with it, decides whether you make a lot or not. You can make your life more fun by doing what you like. Before we go into that:  Continue reading Your Stuff Matters – How You deal with it decides …

Curiosity – Everything Can Happen

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Curiosity killed the cat.

Tragic for the cat, but how about your curiosity, what happened to it, is it still there? Your curiosity is a fabulous gift. When used right, you can benefit from it.

By controlling it, you may miss out on some important parts of your opportunities. By always staying and living in the comfort zone, you know what happens, but by challenging the comfort zone – everything can happen. I’m on the edge of my comfort zone when I write poems, even worse when I publish them… Here is one. Hope it makes sense. Continue reading Curiosity – Everything Can Happen