There are tons of ways of using the word stuff, but not all of them are relevant to this page, still it’s fun to see what Stuff can be.


Stuff is a widely used word, not quite proper for writing, but since all the letters needed are present in the alphabet, we can put them together like this; Stuff

According to the Cambridge dictionary the word can be used for more or less anything. Like this:

Who spilled the stuff that’s on the floor? Well, obviously someone spilled something, but it’s not exact what it is. Stuff is a word very often used when you don’t know what you have in front of you.

It can be more specific, like when you do your stuff. When it’s used this way, most people know what you do, but it takes to much time to say it or it’s not necessary to be specific. Do you stuff simply means that you should do what you are usually doing, and very often implying that you are good at it.

Stuff is what you are made of,  stuff is what you do, stuff is what you owe, stuff is what you want, what you sit on, what you breathe. Everything is stuff, so in a funny way we can say that stuff is what bring everything together…

Having a bath and stuff after dinner in Budapest


You see, that is a funny phrase. Let me try to explain.

Stuff is everything. Matter is what everything is made of. So stuff matters, put together anything in the way you like and you get something that is specific for you. Maybe a bit off track, but still, not far from what is reality.

When you care about something, be it people or stuff, what you can do with it or about it is something that is good for someone else. There are always people interested in other peoples stuff. Everything from buying to selling, from making a distance to helping.

Stuff Matters in more than one way and more important than you know, Your Stuff Matters.


To be you, you are needed. What you are, what you do, what you’re good at and what you want can’t be put together without You.

You are the reason for the meaning of you life, so to speak. No you, No life for you to live.

Now that you have this life, you can use it for whatever you like. You can just let the days go by or you can make them exciting.

You can use time like you want it, or you can sell it to an employer.

You can be happy and grateful or you can be grumpy.

You decide how you want to use your time. Did you know that time is the only thing you cannot get back?

Interesting, isn’t it?

The way you use your time is solely your decision. If you have an employer, you’ve sold some of your time, so your employer can make her/his dreams come true.

You can make yours come true from the money you get from you employer. Are you happy with that?

Your Stuff Matters not only for you. Your stuff is all about making life interesting for you and your family, maybe your friends, maybe you have others in your life that you like to meet now and then, just because they have the same interests as you.

Hopefully you get the time you need to meet them often enough, if not, you should do something about it.


One thing I want to mention here, about stuff is the most precious free stuff there is. You have it, we all have it.

The most precious free stuff is our brain. It’s amazing. All the things the brain can do simultaneously, is simply amazing.

The computer you’re using is amazing, but compared to your brain, it’s really simple stuff. Worse; it’s not free. Your brain is. You don’t have to pay for your brain and you should use it for what it’s worth.

What your brain is worth?

It’s impossible to value. More than any gold mine or diamond or anything you can think of. A lot more than anything you can buy, and what it can do when you use it right, is more than you can imagine.

Time to start imagining what it can be, only if you’re looking for another way of living than you do. There are of course several ways of doing that, so this site will look into some of those ways you can find the right solution for you.

You don’t need a problem to want a change, you just need to listen to what your brain tells you…

Sounds weird? It’s not. Honestly, science prove it, bit by bit. The funny thing is that a lot of it actually has been known for centuries, but denied or even tried to be kept away from people.

What your free stuff inside your head can do for you, can actually be a journey way beyond your imagination.

Make sure you check in on this page now and then and you will find more stuff on stuff and other matters.

Your Stuff Matters, so take care of it and live the life your stuff wants you to live and love it.

Having a bath and stuff after dinner in Budapest, is highly recommended.