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6 Steps On How To Make Network Marketing Work – A Success

Have you ever wondered how to make network marketing a success, or how to make money from a website? I did searches for a while and the question; “How To Make Network Marketing Work?” kept my mind occupied. I was trying to be wise on how to make money on a blog, not finding ONE solution, but THOUSANDS! Wiser? NO, more confused. I didn’t stop, though. I kept searching and ended up finding a complete system, a platform – THAT was a success!

how to make money from a website, how to make money on a blog, network marketing success



In my search, when I started, I suddenly dropped into an ad saying that everybody can succeed online. I didn’t quite believe that, but I watched a video and got a few answers to my questions and kept on searching. They didn’t say it all. You can start from scratch and read about most things, but there is always something missing. So you can make great work by reading articles and watch videos, but there will always be something missing. Did you notice?

What just happened here, read again, start with “how do people make money from a website”… and see if you find an answer…

There is something missing.

Very often you will not find the answer to the question,

so here is a part of the answer;

they blog.

A blog is simply a website, organized in a way that you can make money on it. There are many ways to build your site and write your blog, but some are more effective than others. The answer to “how to make money on a blog”, is to set up a website.

You should set it up so people find it and you should make sure that the people interested in what you market get to trust you. That’s an important job for the blog, and a huge step to figuring out how to make network marketing work.

About trust;

Do you know why people marketing MAKE MONEY FAST! solutions always wants you to pay before you even know what it is that you pay for?

Their products are either not good enough or they are so overpriced that if you knew what you got, you wouldn’t buy them. (Are there other reasons why they wouldn’t tell you?)

A trustworthy business online present you for everything you get before you even have to consider using your credit card:

Don’t go for the make money fast solutions. Go for the best ways of making money, the ones where you grow with your business. You want that because you want to be ready to enjoy your success, not to be scared of it. (actually one of the reasons why many people don’t succeed, they are afraid of the success).

This means that in your hunt of finding the answer to How To Make Network Marketing Work, you should be open about everything you do in your business. 


Relax, I didn’t forget. Your website, containing your blog, is a very important part of your network marketing. Success is about knowing what to do and how to do it. Your way of using time to market and how you market means a lot to have success.





The Way You Market Yourself Is The Way You Get Response.

You must believe in what you market. The way you market it, gives you the response you deserve. Deserve? Yes, maybe it’s not the response you wanted, but you get the response you deserve depending on your marketing.

If you believe in what you do, but don’t get any response, you need to do some changes.

You got what you have, because of what you did. If you want something else, DO something else.

Make sure that you direct your marketing towards the people you want to reach. By making that as a plan, you are able to turn your marketing into a success. When people understand that you know what you do, and you do what you know, you are one step closer to figuring out how to make network marketing work. I’ll say it once more: As long as you know how to do that. (I’ll tell you about some free training somewhere further down)



Your products must be of a quality that people want.

Whatever you want to sell, there are people who wants it. In other words: Everything can be marketed. You want your customers to be satisfied, don’t you? Affiliating any kind of product, can work, but the better the quality, the larger the success.  If you have your own products, make sure your customers are satisfied by providing quality. Quality always makes people come back.



Having a list of customers is a wise thing.

Now you know that you have hit your audience and your products are wonderful. Great job, so far. When you believe in your products, your customers are more likely to buy more from you. By making a customer list, you can send them more offers and keeping them informed on important matters of your business, your customers won’t forget you.

Let The Tools Work For You

If you should do this all by hand, you would use all day to make sure everyone gets the right offer. When you have a lot of customers, that is a time you don’t want to use. You need help. An Autoresponder is what you need. An autoresponder is a great help to meet customers need day and night.

You give the offer and when your returning customers see the offer (usually in an e-mail) and they see it is from you, they are more likely to buy from you. Why? You built your trust on your blog/website and since you deliver the goods and they are great, they know they can trust you.  I use an autoresponder in my marketing and it really saves me time and energy.



Saving time options.

There are other ways of saving time. Autoresponder is just one of the options. If you should do everything you have to do yourself, without any short cuts on the actions you need to take, you would start early in the morning and still be up late at night. Exhausted.

Being exhausted does not help on your success. You make more mistakes, and you don’t get the good ideas on how to market yourself.

Learn What You Need To Learn

That is why you need to know what can help you. There are many ways of doing that, but listen to experienced people who don’t tell you because they want to sell you anything, but tell you because they know it works, is a good start. There are trainings for this kind of information.

Follow A Training System

All the trainings you need in one place are the most time saving options, for two reasons. 1. You get all the training you need. 2. The trainings are made in a way that correlates to the use of the other actions you take.

This means that if you are in one system, you should use the same system consistently to save time. At least for a start. You can do some tweaking to make it work better for you as you get experience.

Make A Business Plan (doesn’t need to be much work)

You also need a business plan. It doesn’t have to be huge, but you need to make a plan on how much time you can spend and what you do in that time. If not, you’ll be sitting doing a lot, for nothing, using all the time in the world. That’s not worth anything.



You should have a Mentor or someone with experience to talk to.

A Mentor, will tell you what to do, how to do it and how you should do it. A mentor wants you to succeed, because if you don’t, their reputation will not be great. A salesperson will tell you much of the same, but in a way that makes you pull up your credit card and buy it, not really caring if it is something for you.

Never pull up your credit card because someone tells you.

Wait until you know it’s right for you. You don’t need a credit card to start your online career, unless you want to make money fast, the wrong way, then you need a lot of credit cards with a lot of money. (Getting rich fast is very expensive)

Find A Group Of Experienced People

Experienced people who can answer all your questions and be there When you are stuck in a problem, is a great help. I’m part of a community of thousands of people, worldwide. We help each other. There is always someone who knows the answer.

There are no stupid questions, only some unanswered ones. We all get stuck sometimes, so by having a mentor, a team or a community, you get the solutions from other people that help you back on track. That is where you want to be. You need to be on track to have success.



Make sure you know how to sell and how to market your product.

If you don’t know how to sell, you need to learn something about that. There are training systems for that, from scratch. I didn’t know anything about selling. I’m not a salesman, I just love to tell people what is possible and how it works.

I was looking for a solution taking care of all the business stuff,

… so I could learn it, implement it and use it. You never stop learning, so age is not an excuse.

The only excuse is that you are not interested in a network maketing success.

If I told you that all I needed to succeed and including tutorials on every marketing techniques on social media, everything about a blog and a website, a complete course of all the basics to get started, just popped up in front of me, in a search. Would you believe that? I didn’t, so more search on what I found was necessary.

Some of My Findings…

This was different than the others, because it was not about earning fast money, but about having success. I was interested in the success of my network marketing. I signed up a Free account, and here I am telling you about it, in a blog, which is a website about Self Development, and how to make network marketing work.

Your Next Steps On How To Make Network Marketing Work



If you don’t have that success and you’re looking for something that can help you, you should start looking for a complete system that gives you the right training, tutorials and contacts you need to succeed.

Research or Take Action

If you do research on that, you find hundreds of systems that work for a while before they get broke. Most companies last for about 8 – 12 months, then they disappear. Most people entering the Make Money Fast systems (about 98%) drops out whitin the first year.

Who You don’t Want To Be

You don’t want to be the one that pay more money than you get. Again, if you have to pay without really knowing what you buy, don’t do it. There are other solutions.

Make sure you pick a system that works for you. I was looking for that, a complete system that was serious, where I learned what I needed and had a payplan when you earn. I needed help, since I was completely without experience.

This Works For Everyone, because…

I found a complete system taking care of all the business issues and all I had to do was following the trainings in a great methodical way. Clever, isn’t it? More than clever, with thousands of people who could help. Short version; I joined, and all of this saves me a lot of time. And, of course, No Startup Fee. So I’m happy.

More on how to save time

To save time you need a system that takes care of all the practical details and help you regarding sales, customers, products, training, tutorials – everything you need to succeed. You want this help simply because it takes way too much time to find each one of the solutions you need to make a business run.

You don’t Need To Re-invent The Wheel

If you want to do it all by yourself, you can have success by using the 6 steps I mentioned.  You can find Tutorials on everything you need to use in the business. And if you don’t find it, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to ask where it is or to make one for you?

Following the training on all the different issues regarding the business every week? You can always find some, but what if all you had to do was entering the same site with all the answers to your questions, nice people to discuss the problem with, anytime, that would be nice and save time, right? I think it is, and it helps. A lot.

You Can Do Everything Yourself, but..

If you still want to do it all by yourself, make sure you look for pieces of training and tutorials done by experienced top leaders and personnel that knows what you need, without a focus on what they want to sell. They can tell you all about what it takes, what to do and how to do it. I like that way of getting help. I’m not a fan of the credit card version.




I use this system to

  • market my Music (on a separate website – I mean, with 50 available as part of the system, why not make one per passion?)
  • help people get to their next level and
  • Affiliating high quality tools and training.
  • This system (a platform, really) works in any business – anywhere.
  • You Learn it,
  • Implement while you do it, and
  • Then you can Teach it and Sell it if you want, as an Affiliate.



Independent of what you do, there is a way you can benefit from this system. It’s not based on selling products. This is a platform, with all the tools you need in one place.

Every Successful Entrepreneur Has A Website

Whatever you do online you need a website, you need hosting for the site, you need to search for keywords to make your site show up for the right people on internet, you need to know where to look for products to sell, you need to know how to market the products so you get sales, just to mention a few things.

There is a lot you need to know to succeed, but you don’t need to know everything at once. You start by building a website, ready for the business you want to promote.

What About This System?

This system is a platform, this is not a complete business with products hidden inside. It doesn’t matter where you live, internet is full of  people who buy stuff, and they can buy it from you, and you love what you sell or market. If you want to start a business – this is a great place to start!

Keep Searching Or Learn What A Legit Business Is, First?

Anyway – you should look at what this is, if for no other reason, to recognize what a legit business online looks like. This is a serious option, that’s why I’m here. When you click on the banner below, you will be directed to my review of this platform called Wealthy Affiliate, on my site called

I hope this was helpful, May your success come soon, whatever you choose!

how to make money from a website, how to make money on a blog, network marketing success

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Have you ever wonder how to make network marketing a success, or how to make money from a website? Maybe you have seen some of the options where you have to pay a lot? Any questions on how to make money on a blog are also welcome.  Please leave your comment.


  1. Ian Ian

    Get rich quick schemes are almost always a scam. It takes a lot of hard work, consistency, and dedication in order to be successful in any form of marketing whether it be network and/or affiliate marketing.
    I agree with your point that it’s important to have a mentor. I think that the community at Wealthy Affiliate are great when it comes to getting help. There are always more experienced marketers that we can learn from.

    • admin admin

      Hi Ian, thanks for dropping by.

      I think it’s important that we all help people choosing the legit solutions and make sure they have an idea of reality. Wealthy Affiliate is a great, safe and educational platform, which makes it a good start for anyone who want to succeed online.

      The community of Wealthy Affiliate is in itself a wonderful mentor and even more than a mentor. I’ve had so much help and I learn so much from everyone. I feel lucky to have found it.

  2. Hi Odd thanks for a very insightful and well thought out article! I wish that l could copy it lol. Keep up the great work.
    Cheers Debbie

    • Odd Helge Hveding Odd Helge Hveding

      Thanks Debbie, it’s always good to hear it has an appeal. I’ll keep up the work, I promise 🙂

  3. I would just like to say – that is a really informal article on where to start your online marketing carrier the right way. People need to understand that in order for “one” to succeed in this world, you need to know the process, and this process takes time.

    This article gives you a beautiful insight on how/ where to get started, it truly hits the nail on the head. Great read and even a better massage.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Odd Helge Hveding Odd Helge Hveding

      Thank you, it means a lot to me that you see the value of taking the time it takes. Success looks very easy when you’re there, but the price to get there is all about believing you can do it, and keep on doing that until you have success. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Chris Chris

    I’m a little confused about all this and I want to make sure I’ve got things straight in my head before I take something on!
    So is network marketing anything like Multi level marketing…because they sound exactly the same?
    The last thing I need is to be stuck inside some sort of ponzi scheme!
    Thanks for your answer

    • Hi Chris, thanks for dropping by 🙂

      I know, it can be confusing. Network marketing is not just one thing, there are several options. Some are MLM (multi-level-marketing). They are best recognized with 5 gets 5 that gets 5 that gets 5, and you are on the top. Lately the more “achievable 3 gets 3 that gets 3 that gets 3… has been very popular. Those companies are usually very expensive and you may be lucky to earn a few dollars, if you do exactly what they say and have the right contacts….

      Network marketing can be exactly that, Marketing within a network you build. There are different kind of solutions and more and more companies understand that they have to work together with their customers to make their success real. When you build yourself a network, you work with people having the same goals as you, making your business attractive to the right people. Sharing experiences and changes in the fast growing market is a very, very good idea.

      Any system that has mentoring, open connection among members, good trainings, no surprises and a business model that YOU have to make all the job necessary to make money are ok. There are scams, but since so many are reporting them, most of them are easily avoided.

      Just make sure that the first thing you do, when you find an offer you might consider, is typing the company name in the search field of you browser + scam, to see if it is legit or a scam. There are scam reports that really are people not satisfied with their lack of success, but usually you will find all the good and bad about a company and their products. That way you are more likely to make your choice on knowledge and not emotions. There’s a huge difference.

      Good luck on your online journey, Chris. I hope this answers your question. If not; hit reply and get on with the next question. I’m listening.

      All the best

      Odd Helge

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