What Is Affiliate Marketing Examples 1 [Affiliate Marketing]

What Is Affiliate Marketing Examples 1 [Affiliate Marketing]

Affiliate marketing examples:

In this short article, I will present the first of many affiliate marketing examples. This article is the first in a series of articles and videos  on the topic.

So, here is the first real, and quite easy example of how you can do your affiliate marketing.

The first thing you see in the video is a website. It’s one of my websites and you will also see that my name is Odd Helge Hveding. Having your own name is absolutely recommended for a website, so I use that. After all, I’m used to my name, and it should be likewise for you, even if you feel that your name is as weird as mine. It’s a name, that’s it 🙂

The Website – what it’s all about

When you get to a website, the first thing you see is of course the headline and if you go up to the menu, you will find some information about the site. I’ve put my privacy policy and the terms of service, in this area. Sometimes you find it there and other times you find it at the bottom. The important thing is that you find it, for several reasons. One is that people should be able to figure out what your site is about, and another is that you give up all information about what your business is doing and how people can contact you.

At the end of my website, you can even click on “About Odd Helge Hveding” and learn more about me in this case. On other websites, you will learn about other website owners. What you will discover is that I have chosen to tell you a bit about my online journey. And yes, you will also see that I wrote a whole book named “How A Wooden Terrace Became An Online Business,” yes, I did it!

(Well, someone had to, so I just did it).

Enough about the website, let’s get into this first of many affiliate marketing examples.

The First Of Several Affiliate Marketing Examples

Now, affiliate marketing is simply about marketing other people’s products, so let’s say I have a product (in the video I’m using a blog post as an example and there is also more information in that video.)

Let’s say that the video represented a product of some kind, then you could click on the video and get more information, then you will normally find a button below, where you can access something (that product or something else to learn more about that product).

In this case, I will actually give you something called the “Affiliate marketers handbook,” which is a very small, easy-to-read book about the essentials of affiliate marketing. This way you can get a better understanding of where you really want to start. That’s about what is right for you. Then you need to decide what is the right thing to do for you. What does this mean? You must feel comfortable doing it.

That is if you want to start getting those ideas about your business. And, of course, here I have an article. It’s all about affiliate marketing. Well, the article is about what affiliate marketing is all about. You will also know what the benefits are for affiliate marketers. And the benefits for the merchant. There is a section about affiliate networks and some of the misconceptions around affiliate marketing. (You can read the article by CLICKING HERE)

… and yes, of course, the meaning of affiliate marketing in itself.

About The Affiliate Offer

So, usually on a website, you would find the same offer at the bottom of the article, as you will see in the video on the article page. This should happen:

People click on your link. Cool, right? They took interest in your articles’ topic. Some of them will click on the button. When they do, they will be taken to another page This is where they will be presented for something you promote, and hopefully, they like.

In this case, you can claim your free mastery guide, which is the affiliate marketers handbook. It is the essential guide to all would-be affiliate marketers. So when the article is all about something to do with affiliate marketing, This happens:

Some of them should be interested in the topic, right?

I’ve, of course, been through the book, to see if it delivers what it says and I have to say, it’s a nice book and in the video, you can see that page, how it looks, (what you see there, is the front page of the offer).

On that page, it says “Download Now,” so if I click there, I can actually download this book, the “Affiliate Marketers Handbook.”

… and you’re welcome to do that, the link is actually HERE if you want it, and relax, it’s completely FREE 🙂

So this is what you want your readers to do. You make it clear that if they click on a link (or a button. ), they will get inside and they can buy or download your product. If you want to try that, just do what I showed you in the video. You go to the article, click the link and follow through until you can download the “Affiliate Marketers Handbook.”

This is an easy way. When you understand that creating an article and make it interesting, people will just click on it. Then you should know that that’s it and that is what you want people to do.

Believe In Your Product

Why? Because you believe in the product you are presenting,

that’s why you do your affiliate marketing, so this is one way of doing it and what happens after that is that you get to a page where you can download the product or you can get more information.

There are a lot of things that can happen here. It all depends on what you put behind the button or link. You should choose something that people will expect. More information is one thing, or you can decide to let them just get to the product itself. Both things are possible and there are several other solutions as well.

The Squeeze Page

Usually, you will get a page like this from the product owner, and you just set it up on your website, and then you can do what I’m doing now.

Let’s go back a bit here. If you want to, you can also create a video about the product and there are many ways to do that, as well.

And when you have the video on the website, the website and the video are kinds of talking to each other. So that’s one way of doing affiliate marketing. And the good thing is that when you know

  1. how to make a website rank.
  2. and you know how to get a youtube video,
  3. or any video to rank,

then this will be noticed by a lot of people!

That is what’s happening and then, when people see it because they were searching for it, they click on it.

Simply because this is what they were looking for. So when you find products that you want to promote because you feel kind of connected to them. …one way or another (… the exact reason doesn’t really matter. The thing that only matters is that you feel comfortable in promoting this offer.

That’s important because if you write an article about it where you tell about it, or demonstrate it, you will be more excited. And people will understand that okay, this guy or girl really likes this stuff. So I need to check that out and they click on your links and that’s actually how it works.

The Easy Affiliate Marketing Examples

So affiliate marketing can be very, very easy and you never have to do anything more with this promotion. It will stay out there, and as long as it’s ranking, people will click on it and then you earn money.

Later, when you have released it, it’s out there, then you can of course do more about the important thing of getting more customers.

You can, “Drive Traffic,” which means get your message, or post or video in front of more people and get them to watch it.

Actually, that is your job when you have created the promotion material, ads, or other kinds of stuff.

There are different ways to do this. I’m just mentioning the ranking version in this article. So when you write an article, you can use many different ways of sharing. But, that’s not really a problem, you can even get people to share it for you, and then when people click your link for that product, you will get paid.

… and if they don’t click, you don’t get paid. So, in the article, we have used as our first of several affiliate marketing examples, which is called “What Is Affiliate Marketing Meaning,” you will find a link that tells you more about the whole process. And this is actually an example of one easy, easy way to set up an affiliate marketing campaign. Yes, that’s what the Affiliate Marketers Handbook is about.

Now, I hope you didn’t get scared about this, and you’re of course welcome to click the link and get your FREE copy of the Affiliate Marketers Handbook.  It’s yours and yes, it’s for free.

Thank you for reading this article, and watching the video.

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That’s all up to you, but there is one very important thing left to say;

I wish you a great day and I hope you take advantage of this. This can really help you to make the right decision on getting where you want to be.

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