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And When You Achieve Those Goals

When you achieve your goals, you have this moment of magic.

Goals are important. Without them, it doesn’t really matter what you do. 

Having a goal helps you make a direction in life and makes it easier to get there. When you improve your stuff as well, there is no limit to what you can experience.

When you achieve those goals, you get this wonderful feeling of satisfaction.

This feeling grows on you when you’re about to make it happen and you see the results closing in on you, 

as you wander step by step towards it.

You get calmer and you made it and you feel warm inside. There is also this glowing light in your eyes. You know what to do next. Based on what you did to get where you are, you know how to get to the new goals in a new way. Your new goals brighten up your heart and your smile.not lost your smile achieve goals by smiling

Inner peace

spread its wings inside you and you can fly. You imagine where to go next and how it looks like when you get there. All you want is to get there, because…

… you won’t tell, but you know. You know exactly what you want, how to get there and why, but others don’t have to know all that, it is what drives you, it is your fuel and it will reveal itself in a way you didn’t know. Surprises on what works come to you – just because you know where to go.

Knowing where to go

doesn’t mean knowing what you meet on the way. Everything can happen. Always. Everything happens, always and at the same time, but somewhere else, not known to you.

Some of these actions makes you react in a way that makes you feel right, and it gets right, maybe not at once, but when you do those small necessary changes that make it work for you, as you want it, and it becomes what you want it to be – because you want it. It is the right path to your goal. You just know it is!

What you meet on your way

can be temptations, frustrations, makes you lose some of your power and makes your view foggy… You don’t see the goal, you start wondering;

“Is this right? Am I going in the right direction? Is this for me? is This me?…”

… and sometimes you get those steep hills, where everything is a heavy lift. It is hard to just lift a finger for what you know is right, or… is it right?

You close your eyes.

Using your imagination, to see what it would be like when you reach your goals.

You start tracking yourself on the path, you are there somewhere.

Searching for yourself, you slowly get your eyes open, you can see in the fog,

light start eating up the fog and your goal gets brighter.

You see your goal again, it’s like having your powers refuelled.

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You get on top of yourself,

start your engine and do your work. The difference between what works and what doesn’t is clear to you and you get your foot on your pedal and you won’t stop until you’re on top, until you’ve reached your goal.

Nothing can stop you, it’s like Life has made you go on automatic, everything just does what you want it to. You told it would work and it does.

Suddenly you achieve those goals, you see it fulfilled – you don’t believe it, you check again – and you are at your goal! You achieved your goals!

Standing there,

watching the beauty of your goals you see them. They have arrived, just in time. your new goals. New directions to be chosen and amalfi-coast achieve your goalspointed out. And you know it,

You can do this because you know you have what it takes.

You have done this before, just not exactly the way you have to proceed.

Excitement over what you will meet on your way drives you to start the search and imagine how it will be when you get there. And you will get there. It is your new Goal.

… and then, you get the hang of it.

You start improving your stuff, so your goals get easier to reach. You recognize them on a whole other level. You see more of the ways you can solve those obstacles trying to stop you. You get more or less unstoppable because you know what it takes. You’ve been there.

Since you started to improve your skills, you see that all the stuff you deal with gets easier and it’s easier to get to the next level of goals.

Where will it end…

This magic moment should be for everyone – and it is.

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I hope you find this scenario inspiring. Please leave a comment below. Let’s help each other to inspire and make everyone achieve their goals.


  1. Hi Odd,
    Wow, this was an inspiring post. I was smiling all along. Why? Because it was like you wrote my past week mind state. I am on the hills.
    I feel warm inside, ready to move. In fact, I am moving fast.
    I know those heavy lift times will come. But I am also confident, the refuel time will do too.
    I believe everything is a cycle in life. We go through different ones. Though, You can’t move to another cycle until you get everything. Like you said in another post I really Liked too, When you get, you get it and you know it.
    Impressive and inspiring post!
    How do you suggest to manage the heavy lift stage? That’s where the danger of giving up is.
    Thank you so much for this.
    I will definitely come back for more.

    • Odd Helge HvedingOdd Helge Hveding

      Hi Armelle,
      thank you for your kind words. It’s great to see that mine could inspire.

      About the heavy lift stage, I have too many suggestions on the managing to list here, but one thing is for certain: We are where we are, because we did what we did. When we learn from what we did, we also find a direction that gets us back on track, if we lost it.

      May your success continue its healthy growth.

  2. Thank you a lot. This helps a lot.
    Much success to you too 🙂

    • Odd Helge HvedingOdd Helge Hveding

      Happy to help, Armelle. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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