Confession: I Did It To Become What I Want

confession, I did it to become what I want

It’s true; I did it.

Some time ago my life was different. I didn’t know. What I did was not what I wanted. Your daily routines are maybe different from mine, but with a few changes, small changes, mine got different. I know now, what I want, what to do.

Life is about a lot of things, which also is why I give you this confession, I did it to follow life. It all started with an understanding that we

get up, go to the bathroom

get dressed


but there are a few things you should add to this.

We are all looking for success in something, you remember that

when you think about it.

Daily tasks make day after day pass by, wonderful,

you should not just let them pass

in the evening, before going to bed,

take a moment and  appreciate all the good things during the day

appreciation makes you sleep better

when you wake up, be grateful for waking up

when you are, you start the day in a better way

get up, go to the bathroom

get dressed


and then you should add a few more things to your routine

You do what you have to do

but is it what you really want?


Every day you get new options to what your life can be about. That is why I here give you my confession, I did it because I wanted to change what didn’t work in my life. Nothing got easier, just more fun. Everything had this other meaning, everything was connected.

When you understand how things are connected, you will also understand what you need to change and why. Those are the reasons which drive you, makes life more exciting and not the least, makes life a great place to be.

Life is, as in existence, so it should make sense that life is a place to be. Confession, I did it to avoid being stuck on a path down memory lane. You see, I was ready for changes and things have changed, but only for the better. I took my chances, some worked and some didn’t. What didn’t work told me something about more I had to make different.

When I did those changes, life was smiling to me and still does.

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