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Curiosity – Everything Can Happen

curiosity, curiosity definition



Curiosity killed the cat.

Tragic for the cat, but how about your curiosity, what happened to it, is it still there? Your curiosity is a fabulous gift. When used right, you can benefit from it.

By controlling it, you may miss out on some important parts of your opportunities. By always staying and living in the comfort zone, you know what happens, but by challenging the comfort zone – everything can happen. I’m on the edge of my comfort zone when I write poems, even worse when I publish them… Here is one. Hope it makes sense.

Where you go, you are.

What you do, you make

What you dream, you want

Who decides where you go?

Who decides what you do?

Who decides what you dream?

Where you go, is that you?

What you do, is that you?

What you dream, is that you?

Do you decide where to go?

Do you decide what to do?

Do you decide what you dream?

When you go, where do you go, why?

When you make, what do you make, why?

When you dream, what do you dream, why?


Odd Helge Hveding                                                 

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