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From The Shortest Day Doing Small Changes To The Brightest Future

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Today, with small changes, is a day closer, for us living above the arctic circle, to see the sun. Here, where I live, we will be able to see the sun at the end of January, if the weather allows it…

“Your future is only as bright as your mind is open.” 

― Rich Wilkins

You may wonder why people live in places like this by their own free will. I understand the question, but you wouldn’t ask it if you lived here.

During the darkest period of the year we have an amazing sky. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Aurora Borealis, northern lights. The sky gets spectacular. The colder, the clearer it is, and often also the more activity, moving all the time, changing colours, patterns, dancing in the night…

Days get longer faster during spring. Winter can last for a long time, but we also have years with a long spring season, and in june summer gets here, very bright. The exact opposite of the winter, we have midnight sun, meaning that we see the sun 24 hours a day, which also makes an impact on us living here, from just having a wonderful time to never being able to sleep…

  • Whatever you experience,

you will also experience something else. By looking at each of these experiences for themselves, they can all be scary, but by putting them together, like good and bad days, they reflect each other and makes the picture complete.

  • When you know what is coming,

you can prepare for it and make it be a good experience. Any experience can be turned into something that keeps you going, because you are prepared for it to happen. In business you make your plans in a way that makes the business run properly even if some of the days are bad.

  • You don’t plan for days to go wrong,

but some do anyway, you can’t do anything about it, but with a good plan for your business, it doesn’t matter, you still know you will succeed.

  • Nature , Life and business

they all have their dark sides, but as long as you prepare for it you make future bright and promising

“Your future is bright. Just stop hanging around people who try to dim your lightand you will climb up to a higher height! Don’t give up on the fight!

Stand up for your right! It’s within your might!”

 ― Israelmore Ayivor, Daily Drive 365

  • Keep yourself updated on your better self,

stick with your plans through the days of darkness and you will succeed in getting your goals.

Small Changes

can improve your life in ways you would never dream of…

Stop doing things “the right way”,

the way others told you was the right way.


Change your angle into a far more benefiting way of seeing things:

Make life come to you


Give you the directions to

The Right Decisions

– Odd Helge Hveding

  • Did you ever have that feeling of

having to do something differently from what you usually do?

Sometimes, when we have the guard down, feel comfortable, relaxes and have the feeling of being

  • in any kind of safe, protected state of mind,
  • and being in touch with our true self.

It’s like we don’t shut ourselves down or hide ourselves in those situations.

  • We are what’s called open-minded

and the most peculiar things can happen. If we are aware of those signals, we can learn a lot about ourselves, for one, but more is that by following the traces left behind we can move our lives into a direction meant to be.

  • I know that some people just laugh

www.ohingeneral.comat this way of thinking. By making so many plans of all the to-dos, having more than plenty events in the calendar and make sure that you never are alone, listening to your own self, the statement above does not make sense. It can’t make sense with these terms because there is no room for your own life to guide you.

  • Many people choose that solution,

so they don’t have to make their own decisions on how to master living a good life, providing what’s good for themselves and the people they like to share life with.

  • By letting others control what you should do,

you will get into their web. You might think that you are in the position of doing your choices, but you are so deep into other peoples way of ruling your life that you don’t notice that your life is ruled by someone else.

  • If you start listening to your own self,

give yourself the time needed to hear your own inner voice, you’d be surprised of the directions and the guidance you’d get. Sometimes a small change can make your life doing a quantum leap (yes, I know they are very small, but the effect of those small leaps can change your life). Just a small adjustment can be the door-opener to worlds you wouldn’t even dream of.

  • You can experience that life

guiding you through small signals, every day setting your direction to your destination, your goals. Making everything you need come to you instead of you chasing it and never get any closer.

This said, this only applies to people who take themselves serious. If you prefer having your life led by others, this is not for you. Some people just prefer dreaming the old dream instead of making space for new dreams by realizing the old ones.

Funny how different we are and how we just love to procrastinate, to make sure we don’t experience anything new.

Make Your Small Changes To Your Brightest Future – Today

By Odd Helge Hveding

Life is what you make of it, and I'm attracted to living my life as I want it. Working as a music teacher/playing/conducting/arranging/composing and takes what life offers. Network marketing is a new way of finding what the internet can offer, and there is a lot. Haven't read it all yet...

4 replies on “From The Shortest Day Doing Small Changes To The Brightest Future”

People are amazing creatures. Don’t we all sort of dream of leaving and going to live in nature and the wilderness? Escaping the reality that we have created? It’s at that moment when we see and hear of other people who have done this we become a bit envious. At that same moment, it’s exactly when we realize how important human interaction with each other is.

For me, the biggest self-improvement I can make is to connect with people in better ways. I think that would really help me by having more connections with the people around me.

Hi Kurtis,
you do have some great points there, and they are all some of those small changes that can make life so much more interesting than it seems to be for some. I understand that people stick to what they have, but I don’t understand why they stick to it when they’re not thriving.

Improving our connections with other people will always keep us in a better mood. Those small changes, when they get habitual, will also improve the life of other people, which means that you’re actually helping other people without much effort.

The more we take care of those small changes, the more we see of them, and in the end we succeed with whatever we want in life. It also makes the journey from something that’s all right, to something that’s awesome, a lot easier.

Thank you for connecting 🙂

Great motivational article and very insightful. You have several points that anyone needs to pay attention to and it can make a ‘world of difference’ in their application of them . Thank you for being my gentle reminder and voice of wisdom.

Thank you, Michelle for dropping those inspirational lines.

To me, it’s important that we all contribute to keep up the good in our own and other peoples lives. Big or small, doesn’t matter, everything can help someone, one way or another.

Keep life wonderful, it is.

All the best

Odd Helge

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