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How Making Money Online Can Build Your Freedom

You may wonder how making money online can build your freedom or you wonder why you need freedom when all you want is to make money? Let’s explore the connection.

We need a few things to make our life go around. We have basic needs like food, water, a place to sleep, some clothes to keep us from freezing and so on. When these are covered, we can have a good life, but the way society is built we probably wish for a little more, and to get that we need money.

Money can give you the freedom you need to do what you want, cool. Now, you won’t get the money if you don’t know what you want, not so cool. Your freedom is the combination of knowing what you want and why you want your money.

When you get there, making money online is a great, profitable activity. Also, when it’s safe and easy you get more of the time you need to spend all the money. Who wouldn’t want that?


How we relate to money is often measured by how much money we need. Some of us make a lot of money and others don’t. One of the reasons for this is the fact that some of us made it a goal to earn more money by making some bigger goals. Research shows that to make that real, there are certain habits you need to manage. In a way, it is about targeting yourself to what you want. We need to take some action.

The Trinity- newbie friendly making money online


Most of these actions are habits we don’t have, but we can get them. What we want is never far away, but it all starts with the beginning. If the green grass is in the neighbours garden, the problem is not the neighbours garden, but how we can make our garden to be just as green. We have to stay focused on what we want and how we can get it. The grass is always green where it gets the attention, actions and the care it needs.

How to stay focused and GET what you really want?

You need to stay focused. When you stay focused and reduce your decisions per day – it’s easier to make the outcome you want. That’s great, isn’t it? Then there are your goals, how to make sure that you have your goals? You have to start somewhere and we all want to be on top of the problem.


In a way, we are always on top. We are on top of ourselves. We got to where we are by doing what we have done so far in life. This is also one of the important things when it comes to making money online. You accept the fact that you start where you are. If you already were where you want to be, you didn’t look for another opportunity.

Your goal has to be clear as the day is bright – but that is not always an easy task. This is a known fact and there are thousands of people looking for a solution every day.  If you don’t have the experience, you will find that this system helps you find your goals. There are techniques that help you make them super clear. When you have this clear vision of what you want in your life, you start working on the details automatically. This was a great help for me when I first started.

More experienced marketers use the same system for other reasons, they jumped over from other companies to get this part of the system into their daily routines. I am in contact with a lot of them and they all tell me that if you want to make money online you have to be clear on these matters. This is what drives you, and I am lucky to be inside a system that is recommended from people who has been working in this business for years.


You should expect that when you work for commissions, you will be taken care of. Most companies are more interested in your money than your success. That is not a healthy sign. Your success should be in focus, simply because your success benefits everyone, just like success of others benefits you.

If you’re new or you have been marketing for a while, you need to keep in touch with other people knowing what to do. We have questions because we experience tasks differently. There are always issues that needs to be solved, rather sooner than later. Searching on the internet is always a good idea, but at the same time, you will probably not get all the answers you need in one place, then you lose focus and forget what you were looking for.

What you need is a group of people doing the exact same as you, or as exact as possible, that is. Don’t let yourself be distracted by figuring out everything yourself. Time runs fast when you try, and if you’re not quite sure what the question is, you won’t find the answer before you end up on the last page of the internet.


When you get to a complete system that is set up so you can concentrate on what to do, instead of needing to run all over internet to find your answers, it gets easier to make your content faster and more concise. In this way you get to earn money faster. It’s a proven fact that you can start earning quite fast, by joining the right system instead of trying to be the hero yourself.

Finding a system isn’t easy. There is a jungle and most of them is about making a few dollars here and a few there. This depends on what you want to make money on. There are always a lot of possibilities, but not everyone cash in as much as you want. At the same time, even small amounts can get large, when you use a complete system that is built by people who knows what it takes. Systems that has been working for some time, are the one’s to join, because that is a sign that people profit from them, and so can you.


There are a few more things you should be looking for. The ability to grow your skills, the ability to promote what you want to promote, trainings on how to make the sales process better, how to make people interested in your business and you need tutorials to make sure you make the most of the tools you need to use. When you find this (here’s an example), you are probably in the right direction.

When all or some of these parts are missing, you might still earn money online, but you would not have the time to spend your life the way you want. In that way you are more often caught in the action of finding the money than caught in the action of spending them. The latter is the preferred option for most of us. That said, it does take time to start earning, but as long as you know what you’re doing, and you do what it takes, you are more likely to succeed than if you don’t.


A serious company will also give you the possibility to regret your purchase, by giving you a moneyback guarantee or give you a chance to test the product before you pay anything. In this way you get the chance to see how it works, test it and find a way this can help you making money online without the pressure of spending money for nothing. When a company gives you a moneyback guarantee the chance to test it before you decide, you understand that it is based on a solid business plan that works.

The most serious also has a policy of never asking why you want to leave. Simply because they know the system works. That makes it totally up to you if you want it or not, meaning the company does not need your money, but you can join it, use it and earn a lot of cash. This gives you the freedom to choose working with something that suits you.

Your freedom is maybe not what you had in mind when you thought of making money online. As you see there is a connection between the two. Having the freedom is nice, so getting there by earning money online is a great start.


I’ve also noticed that some companies sometimes give insane time-limited offers. Their intention can vary a lot. From making more money sooner from the people that are seriously interested in the company to the fact that what they offer are products that really are not good enough. You get what you want, but the quality isn’t always what you could expect. This means that you should be careful about taking action on those kind of companies. There are always someone that let’s you take the time that you need to decide.


A lot of people dream about it, but never takes action on it. There is a mystery why, but since the serious people takes action at once, they get a bonus for taking the action. They do see the possibilities, start somewhere and build themselves a business, grows with the business and profit from it. Taking action is always the first step. If you want to start making money online, and you see such an offer, you should go for it. It’s all about taking the necessary actions to do what it takes and stick to it. Good luck on building your freedom.


If you found anything interested in this article, comment on it and share it. Maybe you give the opportunity to someone else who need it, and maybe someone gets a whole new life because you took actions and shared it.

May your life be wonderful!


  1. Whenever I read a post about making money online I tend to gloss over it with much scepticism. There are so many MMO schemes out there that I am overwhelmed with them all. However, I need my freedom, I’m not getting any younger. Your post has given me new impetus to stop dreaming and take action!! Thank you for showing me a system which looks to be the real deal!! I will check out Wealthy Affiliate. No more procrastinating or dreaming for me!! Now it’s action time. Thanks for this post and the recommendation!!

    • It’s a pleasure, Jackie.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to start any online career. You don’t even have to think career, just build yourself a website or two (or 50 if you are premium, the only level above $0). All the training and help you get from all these wonderful people is worth tons of money in other systems. What you get here, is all you need to succeed. The most important thing, though, is that you take yourself serious. What I mean by that? Make sure you find something you like to make a website on. It really helps, and every successful person on this planet have this one subject in common. They like what they do.

      Great to see you stop dreaming and taking action. Welcome inside!

      Odd Helge

  2. There are some really great points in this article:

    “How we relate to money is often measured by how much money we need”… This is so true

    There are many other good points but this one really hit home with me… “A lot of people dream about it, but never takes action on it. There is a mystery why, but since the serious people takes action”

    I have been guilty of not taking action but after reading your article, I´m now going to stop procrastinating.

    Many thanks


    • that’s an excellent choice, Sean. I’m pleased with you finding the article helpful. And those quotes you mention are very often the reason why the dreams never become reality. The majority of people have stopped believing that a dream can come true. There are many reasons for that, but I won’t list them up here, but in a lot of blog posts coming up later this year.

      We, as human beings, are born lazy, in a way. That’s a part of the problem with procrastination, but there is more to procrastination. When we are supposed to do something, but don’t, there can be two good reasons for it. The first being that you are not ready to take the right actions, so some of the actions you take gets you closer to the actions you are supposed to take. The other important reason is very often that what you did was more urgent. Some claim that procrastination doesn’t exist. That could be a very interesting discussion, but usually you do other tasks because they have to come first. Still; if you knew you should do it, and you could… Well, back to square one. Better have it done and hope it works, than having the regrets later.

      Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated 🙂

      Odd Helge

  3. GraceGrace

    I’ve been looking for years to make money online and the truth is I get so bombarded by all these offers that don’t even work. I think my desire is there and strong enough to take action but haven’t found the right company to go with. You have given me a great outline of what to look for in a marketing company before joining. I will note these down and use as my guide as I continue my search. Thanks for your post!

    • Happy to help you in your search. There are many companies having great ideas for making money online, without the proper understanding of the problems people have. They all say the same, but when it comes to what they can do for you, there are too many negative surprises. The flexibility needed to make thousands of people succeed, demand a thorough investigation of what makes people succeed and how people want to live their lives. My suggestions here are meant to be a guide for what to look for without spending all money instead of earning them.

      Thanks for stopping by:-)

      Odd Helge

  4. I have always been looking for a way to create a business online as I’ve always known its a great way to be financially free. I’ve spent years looking and you’re right it’s amazing how many people just don’t go for it. There are far too many people out there just getting by and seem to think they should be happy with what they have. It doesn’t make sense to me but one day they will realise there is more to life. As for me, I am still looking and ready to get going. I’ve just clicked on one of your links and I notice that it says free to start, is this really the case?

    • Hi Graham, yes, it’s free to start. This opportunity is all about you having the chance to see what you can do with this amazing platform. There are so many people succeeding in here, and the quality of the training is great. The company owners are so confident about the quality, they don’t need to get you to pay for a view. You actually get free access to the complete system, absolutely everything the first days. This is of course to make sure that you know what this is before deciding.

      There is more, if you are uncertain, you still have free access to the basic stuff for the rest of your life, or you can upgrade to the only level above zero. Then you have access to the complete system for a monthly fee. If you don’t like monthly you can go yearly and save a lot of money.

      I use this system for different parts of my business, and I find training for absolutely everything. Competition give some parts of these trainings for a lot of money, but here you get everything you need on the level you are. As you get more experience, you learn more and I still have a lot to dig deeper into. I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the end, new trainings arrive daily.

      It’s a great place to start an online career, the best and safest I ever found. When I run into issues that need to be solved, there are thousands ready to help. The people in here are dedicated to help each other succeed, so you might say I never have a problem for a long time.

      Definitely recommended.

      See you inside? It’s both free and awesome. 🙂

      Odd Helge

  5. Hello there, Odd Helge.

    Thank you such an inspiring article. Your thoughts were reactive for me – you made me pause and take a few moments see what it is that I really want out of this life.

    Yes, there is a connection between money and freedom – I loved the way you created the analogy. They are family, yet so different depending on where we choose to emphasize.
    I respect both.
    You need to have a healthy respect in order to see positive results that you seek.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    Thanks also for the recommendation of that site, Wealthy Affiliate. I love the idea that there is a money-back guarantee. That speaks a whole lot about their security and their worth/value in the system they have created. I will take a look at that site. Thanks for the information.

    Much success to you.

    • Hi Michelle,

      thanks for reading my stuff, I appreciate it 🙂

      Life can be the mystery you want it to be, it can also be the dream you want it to be. The best part is when it become real. Since we live in a monetized world, we will not manage to escape the money part. I believe I’m not alone having all these wonderful letters from people kindly asking you to pay for everything and offering you everything you don’t need…

      To make your freedom a reality, you have to take some action. There are so many programs offering gold who returns with a big bill, with a hope that you will succeed one day. Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them. Wealthy Affiliate is a great online academy for learning everything you need to succeed with a website, and more. When thousands of people are ready to help you, if you’re stuck, it should be a clear hint that they like where they are and what they learn. The value for this education can’t be described. I highly recommend it, it’s feet on the ground, do the work and you’ll succeed, kind of program. I am not joining any Get Rich Quick Schemes, they have totally proven not to work. The only exceptions I’ve found in some of these programs, are people who are experienced, have a friend who is experienced or have been taken under the wing of someone who is successful in that company (at least for those having this kind of people). Then anyone can succeed, but if you have no experience online, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely the solution for creating a serious business online.

      It’s been a pleasure helping you out here, and thanks again for liking my analogy.

      May your succeed overwhelm you.

      Odd Helge

  6. JoeJoe

    The biggest thing I take away from your article is to take action. Too many of us dream and think and research but never follow through. The first step is the biggest. I know my main reason for procrastination is Trust. I don’t want to waste my time energy or money on something that turns out to be a scam. It looks like wealthy affiliate might be the system that pushes me to take action. I enjoy the fact that I can get started for free. Thank you for pointing me in what seems to be the right direction.

    • Hi Joe,

      it’s a pleasure to help you, and others, to make a scam free decision. This platform (Wealthy Affiliate) is all about how and when to take the right actions. Procrastination, isn’t necessarily that. When you are busy doing other things than you were to do, someone or something is making you ready for how you can earn the money you need, for instance online, and build the rest of your life. This also means that you have to change something gain something.

      Freedom is about being able to do what you want, when you want it. Not sooner or later, but when you’re ready for it. Freedom is the kind of stuff you experience while you’re busy doing things you love. When you don’t have that time, you can create it. There will be different solutions on that matter later on this site, so you might want to bookmark it, or even better, join Wealthy affiliate, you’ll be more than amazed over what you can do inside the back office.

      Wealthy Affiliate is definitely NOT a scam. It’s free for how long you want or need it to be. Luckily, you can still get the answers you need by chatting with thousands of people.

      That said, Joe, now is the time to take the actions, right?

      Tell me about you success plans, and I can guide you if you’re ready.

      have yourself a great day and a prospeous weekend.

      Odd Helge

  7. SondraSondra


    So many people have brought up Wealthy Affiliate in the responses although I don’t see you mentioning it directly in this post as a way of making money online. Can you provide a link to WA for people to learn more about it please? (Note: I did not click on all of your links to see where they went to.).

    Now that we are already almost two weeks into 2017, I have been considering my goals. Thank you for emphasizing the importance of staying focused. I need to work on staying focused while working on my internet marketing strategies.

    I’m off to check out some of your other stuff.

    • Hi Sondra, Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful way of making money online. It’s also a great place to start if you have a lot on your mind and want to share it with a lot of people. When you do the combination you are building a future beyond your dreams. Here you have a link to WA, I’ve used the one that shows I’m in there 🙂 It will open in a new tab.

      Staying focused is also a way of making life fun, because you do what you have to do, and then you have spare time to do other things you should do. It’s easy to get distracted, then everything takes more time than necessary and you get less work done. That’s the start of getting into the bad habits. Always trying to do your best and become better makes it easier to keep going. That is a help to start making those money online and that again leads to your freedom. Simple as it sounds, it takes work. No successful person got successful by doing nothing. Keep up the practice.

      I’m grateful that you like my stuff, thank you for mentioning it 🙂

      Odd Helge

      • SondraSondra

        Thank you for sharing the info.


        • Just a pleasure, Sondra, and I’m always ready to answer more of your questions. Keep up your dreams and take action on them, enjoy life 🙂

          Odd Helge

  8. ChrissieChrissie

    At last an article which tells you what you need to hear – that so many companies are not interested in you, only in your money!

    You are writing about a company which will help you to achieve a real business, does it really show you how to do everything you need to know and do to have a successful business? I have been searching for somewhere where I can learn to do that, and have wasted a good deal of money on companies offering empty promises. None of them offered a chance to look around before committing to their courses – is that really the case with yours? If so, it sounds like the answer to a prayer!

    Thank you so much for this information, and I look forward to your answers 🙂

    • The answer to your question is very simple. Everything you need to succeed online is present here. It’s even upgraded daily. If the company owners doesn’t upgrade the information, you can be sure that some of the several thousand people inside will. We have a wonderful community, helping each other to get to the next level, wherever you are, you will improve.

      I just read an article, earlier today, saying that about 90 percent (I don’t know if it’s true) of the businesses who wants you to make money online are more or less scams, frauds, or just very close to it. The companies that really have a deal to live with, very often get in the background because the not so good ones are very noisy in their marketing. The company I talk about here, is different. What you want can be true, as long as you are interested in doing what it takes. You don’t have to be a master at anything, as long as you are ready to take the right actions, not just to make money, but to keep you on track. There’s a long story behind that, but it’ll have to wait till later.

      Your freedom can be just around the corner if you hit the right audience soon enough. When you are looking for opportunities online, you don’t really have to go further, you find it here.

      Thanks for your comment Chrissie, hope you find some more stuff that can help, and never hesitate to ask those questions, I’m always ready to answer.

      Odd Helge

  9. CindyCindy

    Hi Odd,

    I’ve been navigating through your website and this one post resonated with me the most. It’s because we all long for freedom but we still need to have an income. I think as I get older, I don’t want to be stuck working on an employer’s schedule and like you have stated, let’s do something which will give us the time to spend it. I’m not lazy and I love to work. But I feel like I need to change it up a bit and work my own schedule, doing something I love. My dream is to take my work with me, while I’m on a tropical island, working on the beach and generating an income while having fun!

    I clicked on the link and Wealthy Affiliate is indeed intriguing. If this is for real, I think I’ve found my tropical island job! I’m going to spend some time reading your recommendations. Thanks for all this!

    • Hi Cindy,

      great to see that you can see how this can benefit you. This company Wealthy Affiliate have made a lot of dreams come true. The most important part is that it’s done in a way where you learn why you deserve it, along the way.

      Your tropical island dream will get closer to you the moment you start working towards it. It’s probably calling your name already. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my stuff, it’s meant to be a starter for anyone who find themselves in the position of needing a change. What we do to our lives, are the actions that makes our lives. The direction is for us to choose. This works, it’s proven, so find your passion and make it your living.

      May your future make you smile today 🙂

      Odd Helge

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