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Free Stuff Is Your Gold Mine How To Make Money Online Free

How to make money online is closer to you than you thing. Your Gold Mine is already at your hand. You just need to use it. If you are  looking for a way to make money online, free and without all the work you think you have to do – you need to read this.

Everything seems to be so easy these days. It should be possible for all of us to get that success just by pressing a few buttons and there we are. It is possible, when you know how. Let’s get started first.

Free Stuff Is Your Gold Mine

how to make money online freeWhat free stuff that is your gold mine, may not be clair to you right now, but give yourself a chance and read this article on the matter and you should have an idea.

Your Stuff Matters. You have more inside you, than you are aware of. You might think that you know yourself, but how can you be sure?

Here is a short and quick guide on:
How To Make Money Online Free.
  1. Pick your interest. Just One. It has to be something you can work on for a longer period without getting tired of it. You need to have an interest in what you do, if you don’t, it would simply take too much of your energy.
  2. Search internet for products that is interesting for other people with the same interest as you have. These products can be your new income.
  3. Make yourself a website. If you don’t know how to do that, there are tons of free website builders online. This one comes with all the training you need and can be free forever.
  4. Make space to work on your website. Daily is preferred, but if you have to skip a day, then you can incorporate that into your plan. Weekly is also better than never, but it will also take a lot more time to start making the money.
  5. Make a plan for how your site should develop. Knowing what comes next is a very good idea. You should also have a “sacred” time for your weekly adjustment of your plan. The longer time you plan for, the better.
  6. Learn something new every day. You already do, but getting aware of what you learn can make your website reach far beyond your expectations.
  7. Spread the good word (your business, your products, your posts) on all the social media you can possibly think of. Well, at least those read by the people who want to buy what you have to offer.
  8. Chat, speak, write, discuss with the people around you, in real life and online. Keep to your mission (your interest) and you get a lot more help in spreading the word (your golden shop online).
  9. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t sell anything at first. You need to develop your relationship with your customers. Be happy for your own activity and do your best at all times. (Which is the best way of always getting better).
  10. Celebrate the small successes. They are a great preparation for your bigger successes. Success follows the people who keep doing what they do. If you quit, start over, quit, start over, quit, start over (could be continued forever… lol) You confuse people, they don’t know what to believe and they don’t know if what you say or do is reliable or not. If you sell soap one day and onion the next, it might seem a little strange…. See what I mean?
  11. Believe in yourself. If you don’t – why should anyone else?

how to make money online free

Your Interest – your Gold Mine

If you are interested in something where you make products, you have a great opportunity to combine having fun and make an income. It’s a very nice way of earning money. You sell your products online (and offline). All you need is a website to build your business and then you say all the things you want to say about your products and also about different subjects that is interesting according to your interest. That should be easy enough, I believe.

If you don’t see that as the ultimate option, you can be an affiliate. What you need is a website and you promote other peoples stuff. It doesn’t really matter what kind of stuff you’re selling, but if you know the products and you know they do what they say, you are much more likely to talk (write) about them with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is a great idea. It helps building businesses online. Everyday.

Why Free Stuff Is A Gold Mine

If you make your own products and sell them online, you can keep the costs very low. The most interesting factor here is the selling. If you keep telling people about your website, you will get some attention, but you want more! and you can get it…

Keep telling more about your products, you will get a lot more attention, because everyone can build a website, but only you can make your products. You get more interesting, because you do something that not too many others are doing. When you sell your stuff, you get some kind of income, and that pays all your expenses sooner or later.

Maybe that didn’t quite answer the question, (which was:) why free stuff is a gold mine, but this does:

When you find other products online, that matches yours, but are supplements to your own products, it starts getting very interesting. Especially if you can affiliate the sale of these products.

There are so many things you can affiliate, but if you manage to keep it related to what you are doing yourself, you get this natural sale of those products as well.

Another way of making this happen is, of course, to find several products, which in combination makes it natural to buy not only the one, but several at one purchase. Then affiliating start to become very cool, and fun.

This applies to any kind of marketing, making complete settings that makes people happy to find what they are looking for, makes them also interested in buying the other stuff you present on your website.

This again, makes them come back for more, how cool is that 🙂

All of this can be done for free. So far, there is only one thing you would have to pay for, your time. Usually you don’t pay money for your time, but you use it, so in a way you are paying for your time. Make sure you get well paid for the time you use.

All this for free, may sound to good to be true, but it isn’t. It is possible, as long as you search for the good quality products, that sell and comes along without any payment when you sell. All kind of income should be welcomed, especially if you don’t have to think of how the money part works.


how to make money online free

Let’s have a look at:

What Free Stuff

There are different levels of free stuff.

  1. We have the “completely free” stuff,
    • as in completely or
    • as in almost completely
  2. the “free for some time” stuff
  3. the “free with reduced functionality” stuff

… and I might have forgotten some variations on the theme, but this will be great for this exercise.

Let’s say I wanted to sell you a product of the first category, “completely free”, how do you make money??????

Great Question.

Here’s how:

I would find such a product, like this one:

Click Here!

how to make money online free

As you can see, this is a real book, so this goes into the category “Completely free, as in Almost completely”



(It opens in a new window, and you should look at it.)

When you look at the product, when you click the link, you will notice that you get a lot of important information and to get more, you provide your email address, and… (look for the catch…)

you have 72 state of the art ways to make money online, delivered in you mail box outside your house, or where you have your mail box. How cool isn’t that?

The catch; well, not really a catch, but be aware of this; you need to pay for the handling and shipping to get the book. This means that you get the book for free, but you have to pay the expenses to get it to your house. This is a real book, not a digital book, there’s a big difference.

I personally would recommend reading page 135 at once, maybe your favorite too?

(Hope you find the example appropriate and as a learning lesson.)

Here’s an example of what I do within all these categories, (and what you should do, too):
  1. I find a product I want to promote. I need to know how people search for it to know what is a good solution, but  that part is not covered here.
  2. The next thing is to write a blog post about the product and explain why you recommend it and why they should buy it. (In this case; you should now that when something is for free, it’s not, but you can still benefit from it…  I’ll explain below)
  3. You make the post be informative and make sure that it is a product that you are comfortable with. Find the material you can use (usually on a website, ready to download) to promote it with pictures and links.
  4. Make sure that people find your blog post. When you learn how to make sure as many people as possible see it, you will start to make an income.
  5. The more products you promote, the more you can earn. It’s up to you to get the skills you need and if you want to know how, there’s excellent training at this site: Wealthy Affiliate, and it is free to create an account, build a website and start promoting a product. Read more about it inside the link.

how to make money online free



In my example here the product has to do with “How To Make Money Online”, which is a great keyword that loves to be searched for. So far, you shouldn’t have to pay anything (with the possible exception of the shipping and handling, if you decide to buy it, it’s a bestseller at Amazon, but you get it for free)

How To Make Money Online For Free

  1. If you choose to affiliate products, you should know that you do them a favor and shouldn’t be paying for anything to promote it.
  2. When you use your contacts, you give a lot of information about the products and you contacts help you spread the word.
  3. What and how you promote a product is very well explained inside Wealthy Affiliate (for free). The alternative is to search all over internet, videos, courses and put together the information you get. The latter is more time consuming than the first one, but you can find most of what you need around the internet.
  4. The money you get, will be a commission. This is a percentage of the amount your customers are paying.
  5. When you have made your site and you are happy with the result, you find another product and write a new blog post. In this way you make yourself several income streams.
  6. You need the time to make this work, and you will find a lot of free tips on how to use your time, just by searching for it.
As promised, here’s what FREE is about: 

When free is mentioned, there’s always something you give. Every company give you something to get something in return. It’s a way of letting you know that you don’t pay for what you get, but you will get the information you ask for. Usually you leave your e-mail address or phone number in return and everybody is happy. You get something and they get something, it’s fair and you can keep the control.


I hope you found this article interesting. Feel free to leave a comment, a question or what you want information on.

You  may find an answer in others blogposts, or some of the videos or in your brain… all for free…


Free Stuff Is Your Gold Mine


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    Thanks for Giving Valuable Information.I really Impressed.
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    • Thank you for sharing your experience 🙂

      This site is made to help you make the right desicions for your life. Everyone can make a success online, and by starting somewhere close to yourself, you have a better chance of making that happen faster. Success doesn’t necessarily come easy, but as long as you never stop, you will succeed.

      enjoy your success

  2. Hello Odd,
    Such a great article…and so chockful of information…FREE information…had to put that in there. You give some valid points and ultimately, it really depends on the individual and how much or how badly that they want ‘success’ on their terms.
    Thanks for the motivation and I wish you continued success.

    • Thank you Michelle,

      and I am happy to see that you get the point. It all has to do with what we want, and when we want it badly, or should I say goodly (except that is probably not a word, yet), anyway, when you want it strong enough, you welcome the changes that has to take place. When we understand the fact that what we have done so far, has made the reality as it is, we need to change something to get another result.

      Make sure you take the right action steps today, to improve your results for tomorrow.

      To your success,

      Odd Helge

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