Get a Grip On Life (a scenario)

What if you could change your life in the direction you want.

Is Life something You can Get a Grip On?

or not…


Would you do it?

 Live the beach life?

Live the wild life?

Live life as a traveler?

Live a quiet life?


Live life?

We all have our dreams and wishes, they drive us through day after day, but do we want to live up to those dreams or wishes?

Look around you,

What you see is what you have.

Is that all you want?

Compare this with your biggest dream and imagine yourself being there.

What is the difference?

How can you get there, if you want…

Or is it, if you dare…

When we can make a dream a reality, it means we can be there. In the middle of the dream, except it is not a dream, it’s reality.

You wake up in the morning, get out of bed in your luxury suite. When you look out the window, you see the beach, it’s sunny and the temperature is perfect for a swim. You just have to eat some breakfast, so you order some room service.

What happens next is up to you…

Maybe it’s just the usual, that’s never gonna happen

Or is it the “it never crossed my mind”?

Your dreams may be different, than the above, but it’s there. Your life is in your dream, you use it as a reason to get through your day,

and then

You use your day as an excuse not to follow your dream…

“I will never get there, it will never happen…”


That’s up to you.

What stops you from being you? Did you ever think about that?

We are very good at making excuses and keep on doing what we always have done.

There are reasons for that, but are those reasons actually very good?

If you should start over again, making sure your life turned into the success you want for yourself,

how would your life be, what will it look like?

You decide what’s going to happen

You did what you had to do to get where you are.

You made your life the way it is.

You believed you could make it happen.

You can make anything happen.

Your life depends on what YOU do with it.

How you do it, is about listening to what YOU want.

It’s time to start marketing yourself to yourself.

Why not start today?

… and the next postcard you send is like:

Hi, when I woke up this morning, I got out of bed in this luxury suite.

I can see the beach from the window,

it’s sunny and the temperature is perfect.

After breakfast I will take a swim and it looks like it’s going to be such a wonderful day,

just like yesterday.

Wish you were here. Should I order a ticket for you to come?

I’ll pay, I would love your company, you know that. Oops, room service here with breakfast…

Love you

18 responses to “Get a Grip On Life (a scenario)”

  1. This is the life I would love!!. I would love to go on mission trips and help those less fortunate than myself. I do that now and I don’t have this life of luxury. I can only imagine how much better it will be – I can take time off when I want to without having to ask my boss, I can work my own hours, I can pay for others to join in with me!! 🙂 So, as I commented on another post of yours, it’s time to stop dreaming and take action to live this life. Thanks again for another great post!!

    • This is the life most people want, but never take action on. I don’t think it is because they don’t want it, but more because they don’t believe that a dream can come true. No matter where you are in life, there are so many possibilities coming along. Every day, there are new opportunities. If we start looking for them, you will discover them, and when you take action on them you get better at targeting in your real dream. The Big One. For some it’s the dream they even had as a kid, but life just turned in all the other directions. I hope everyone in the whole world follows your example and take action on their dreams. It’s worth it, and the worst thing that can happen is that you get to know a lot of friendly people. I’m not sure that’s so bad.

      Good luck on your new life, Jackie 🙂

  2. Hi Odd,
    Live life and change its direction. I read your post and it’s really inspirational. It would be nice to realistically stop working full-time but still have a good income.

    And it’s really true that it’s all up to me but it would be great to have someone help start the process. It looks like you have a number of recommendations to choose from, so I’m going to click through your website to see what you are doing to make it happen. Do you have one you highly recommend?

    I hope you have a great day! I’ll bookmark your site so I can read more!
    Thank you!

    • Hi Cindy, and thank you for your kind words.

      I hope you find something you like, there’s of course this one:

      Most important is that you take the time to find what you want to do with your life, looking for the alternatives and play with thoughts of being there. When you start inside the platform I use to release my websites, that is a part of the training. This actually mean that you could start today and see where you landed by tomorrow, how exciting isn’t that? and don’t worry, it doesn’t cost anything, so you can’t lose anything by testing it.

      Thanks for your bookmark, Cindy, it’s much appreciated 🙂

      Odd Helge

  3. This is a very inspirational post. My dream life would be living in a luxury apartment, looking across the sea. Breakast on the terrace, followed by a morning swim and then sit down to write my books.

    Thanks to reading this post, I´ve now got that image back in my head.

    Many thanks


    • Happy to help with your visualization.

      Visualization is important to keep those dreams alive. They help you being focused on taking the right actions to get where you want to be. I’m looking forward to reading your books 🙂

      Odd Helge

  4. I have always loved posts like these, your post is very effective and straight to the point. I love the way you have almost bullet pointed to make people work through the post like a life check. They always help people to have a good look at their lives. People get too carried away with just getting by and sometimes don’t take the time to think about could it be different. These are what I like to call light bulb moments. I only hope more people find your post because as they read it, it forces them to think about their life and hopefully it’s enough to make them dream enough to want to do something about it. I have always been a dreamer and always looking at what I could have and setting my goals to make it a reality. Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you, Graham, I’m glad you see how this post can help people. I notice, every now and then, that people tend to be so busy with all their to-dos that they actually forget that life is made for having a good time. As long as you do something you actually care about, it doesn’t matter what you do. When life gets too serious, we often forget one of the most important points, that we are here to help each other improve our everyday. We don’t know who we help, and it doesn’t matter. What matters is, that our stuff gives inspiration for others to keep on with their good stuff.

      I like the term, light bulb moments, when you understand that you are working/living in the “flow”, as some will call it. When you see that what you do matters, and that your life have that meaning you’ve been longing for. The funny thing is that it doesn’t have to be just your own life, but so many others. The world is a great place to live, when you see how your life makes other people having a good time. What you give, comes back, somewhere, sometime.

      Keep living your wonderful life, Graham.

      Odd Helge

  5. I agree with your article about taking charge of your life. It’s really up to us to take action to do the things that will achieve our goals. Everything around us is a result of our actions in the past. We need to take different actions to achieve the reality we want. Reading your post just confirms for me what I need to do to get a grip on my life! 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement.

    • We are where we are as a result of what we have done, and the logic consequence is that we become what we do. We probably take some actions everyone of us, to get a grip on life, but too often, we don’t do it consistently and what we did will slowly turn into the old habits we wanted to get rid of. That’s when it’s time to take action again, consistently for a longer period of time. Then you will find your direction that leads to success.

      Thank you for reading, enjoy life 🙂

      Odd Helge

  6. OMG…what a love concept…it is old, but your ‘take’ on it – Living the dream!
    You, Odd Helge, we need more people like you expressing the possibility of life.
    This a VERY beautiful choice of words that you have constructed…yes, I mean to use that verb. Obviously, not only do you have a sense of humor, but you have a thirst for life and living it at its best, no matter where you are in time…maybe now? today?
    I could do as you outline without even ‘batting an eyelid’ – I so love the imagery.
    SO, enough drooling over your words, I live my life as it is NOW. It took me a while to get to this juncture in my life, however, I am here NOW – timing is everything.
    Not only timing but also ACCEPTANCE and ACTION.
    It doesn’t matter where you are in your life, as long as you ACCEPT it, DO your best and ALLOW it to unfold.
    Thanks, Odd Helge for the beautiful reminder.
    Much success to you on your journey and I will look out for that ticket you offered!

    • Thank you, Michelle, for all your kind words.

      Living here and now, is the absolute best place to live. That’s where the action is. Accepting what you have and taking action on what you want is the best way to see all the opportunities you’re offered during a day. Being aware of the moment also means that you easier accept the new challenges turning up. They are usually the preparation of something bigger, something you’ve always wanted, but grew away from somewhere along life. The way we think of our dreams, is more a guideline than people are aware of. Too many people gets used to the dreams and end up believing that a dream is supposed to be just that.

      When you live in the now, you are more prepared for the necessary changes for making that dream come true. When you take those actions needed, an amazing travel through life starts and as long as you keep up the work you need to do, you will end up in your dream.

      I know that a lot of people just shake their heads when they hear that. Lately I’ve come across a lot of recent research, mainly scientific, showing how this actually happens. Ancient cultures have known about some of these reasons, but we didn’t believe in them. Now it turns out that the one mystery after the other, more or less are proven, not just by luck or accident, but scientifically.

      I’m collecting these studies and will get back to this theme at a later stage of this site. For now, I’m grateful that you found it inspiring for your life. That’s a part of my purpose. If everyone see that they can get a grip on life, not only dream it, like in a scenario, I believe we will see more smiles on faces all over the world. It gives confidence in self and helps people to take action.

      Thank you for sharing your kind words, they are heartwarming 🙂

      PS: writing a postcard now… lol

  7. Very inspirational! Fear is what keeps most of us from perusing our dreams. Stepping into the unknown can be frightening when most others around us are telling us it can’t be done. We all need to be reminded that the life we want is out there if we just have the courage to go after it. Thanks for a great post. My dream? beach, cocktail, sunset, smile

    • A great dream you have there, make sure you get there. 🙂

      Persuing ones dreams are frightening, if you believe in fear. I’ve discovered a few things going on nowadays, that didn’t exist until just a few years ago. More and more people are having trouble managing their everyday. They do everything to make it work, but all they achieve is more trouble. This must be very frustrating. This also creates a focus on what’s wrong, and there are thousands of people that can confirm that the more you think of something, the more you get. The funny thing is that it works in two directions. If you focus on the trouble, you get more trouble. Everyone knows that,it’s been tested by most humans. What so many people knows, but have forgotten, is that if you focus on the solving of the problems you get focused on the solutions. When you start by changing your focus, you direct your stuff in a “neutral” position, and it gets easier to find the solutions. I made myself a sentence to remind myself of this fact, it goes like this: “When life tell you to change something, follow your life.”

      Keep going for your dream, Joe, it’s worth it.

      Odd Helge

  8. Oh wow…. you have me thinking. I would love to be able to say, “Wish you were here. Should I order a ticket for you to come. I’ll pay….”.

    Thank you for planting the seed tonight that we need to visualize our dream….action is of limited usefulness if we don’t know where we are headed. There are lots of great destinations but they can be lonely without those we care about most.

    I wish you the most success possible this year (2017). Thanks for the inspirational message.

    • Thank you, I’m happy you like it,

      we do need some inspiration now and then, and visualization is the beginning of a lot of things. If you take action on it, you will find yourself in that position some time in the future. I heard this story of comparing a thought with a seed, and if you treat it like any plant, nurture it, give it light and water, taking care of the immediate surroundings of the plant (thought), you will start taking the right actions of making it come true. This is of course a part of the inspiration for this little scenario. We should all get a grip on our lives, even if we are in a position of doing just that, reminders and adjustments are necessary for improvement of the quality of our work. The better we get, the more inspiration, its just the power of leverage by your own actions taking place.

      Thanks for you wishes for this year, and I return the wish for you. May your 2017 become beyond your dreams.

      Odd Helge

  9. What an inspirational post!
    We all need a dream, and if we can dream it and have the right attitude and the perseverance then we CAN make it happen, as you so eloquently say. Too many people are just too ready to write themselves off and say it could never happen to them – they are the ones who need to hear your words and BELIEVE in themselves.
    I hope that your message reaches as many people as possible, and that it will help them to improve their lives. Thank you so much for your wise words. 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words, Chrissie, I’m really grateful for your kindness.

      You know, when people life their busy lives, they lose something. Everyday you have to do as you’re told or be where someone wants you to be or you have to do what “they say”. All those distractions from the real life makes it difficult to see what’s really going on.

      Most people would say that you do what you have to do to make life go around. The interesting thing is that there are so much science proving that what most people do, is actually not what they should have done, but they are not aware of it.

      I won’t go into details about that here, but instead be happy that you see the difference. Lucky you, but was it luck? I heard this wonderful quote:

      “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.”

      I’m sorry to say that I don’t know who said it, but I’m happy he did ( and yes, sorry, it was a man.). As long as you want something strong enough, you can make all the difference you want to make in the world, and that is the wonderful news that needs to be spread.

      Thank you for helping out, by reading and caring. If you like sharing as well, we could have that in common too.
      May your life continue to be a success 🙂

      Odd Helge

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