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How To Be Successful After You Lost Your Job

How to be successful after you lost your job, your income was taken away from you at a moments notice, and you were forced to start from scratch…

After you lost your job, there are two questions needing an answer:

  • What to do after you lost your job?
  • How to be successful at what you do?
In many ways, some of them mentioned here, this can be summarized in one question:

– which path would you choose?

Path #1: Settle for a job and live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life…

 Because that’s what you know.

Maybe you think that’s what you have to do. If you believe there are no alternatives, well, then you don’t see the alternatives.

Annoying? Maybe, but not really. What you are looking for is what you can find, because you’re focused on it. You more or less have a vision of what you are looking for.

Did you ever experience that you were looking for something, not having the faintest idea of where it may be?

let’s say it was your red wallet, (just an example of a common thing people are using a lot of time looking for, sounds familiar?)

You look everywhere, completely focused on the red wallet, trying to figure out where you could have left it, where you last used it, just to discover it’s gone…

Then you suddenly remember all the things you did, and maybe you were disturbed by the phone, or a friend dropping by, the lottery people at your door giving you that million dollars cheque, taking your picture and all that stuff, while you were in fact busy moving your red wallet from a pocket or  a basket…

Anything is possible, right?

Usually, you find it after a while. The problem was simply that you were disturbed or distracted in a way. You found it, and you’re happy you found it, moving on in your life, wondering what to do with that million dollars cheque…

Your focus saved you, and here’s the point to this little story;

You see what you focus on, for a short or long period of time. What you see is what you can get, because you’ve filtered out so many other things.

Like a passion, when you’ve been working with the same company for a while, you either love it or you don’t. If you love it, fine, but if you don’t, what should you do?

You need to make a decision, stay or leave. You always have two choices, you can always say yes, but that also means you are saying no to something else…

In this case; what would you do if you suddenly had to start over from scratch, would you try to find another similar job?


Path #2: Invest your time and energy into building your own business…              

A business that would allow you to write your own paycheck.

It has never been easier to start your own business, get customers and make an income far beyond your dreams. Still, thousands of people (if not millions), don’t take the steps they need to do it.

You can be your own boss, make all the money in the world, not as a salary, but as a regular (or irregular) income. All it takes is the time to make up your mind on what matters in your life.

Your stuff Matters, what you dream of doing can be the salvation for others to get their dreams come true. This is very easy to forget, especially after you lost your job. We are built like that, in a way…

Everything can be turned into something positive or negative.

Strangely enough, we tend to choose the negative. This way of choosing is very often enhanced after you lose your job. We let ourselves be exposed to the negative and we stay there unless we take action to get moving from that point.

How come you don’t follow your dream, or why didn’t you succeed when you tried (if you tried…)?

You have probably heard that online businesses are a lot of crap. People have a tendency of making assumption based on bad rumours, not so often on good rumours.

There are good and bad businesses online, just like there are good and bad shops everywhere. You don’t have to be on internet to be fooled, scammed or outsmarted.

Business is business. The more nervous the business owner is, the worse the business is. It doesn’t matter if it’s on- or offline. There are completely other issues making some businesses run well, while others are not doing so well. When a business has to close, it’s because the manager didn’t do the job properly. Why? Read on.

winter storm Life can be tough, but there is a saying;

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

First let me say this: If you chose path #2 – congratulations…  You care for yourself…

That does not mean path #1 is wrong. Some people are so happy doing what they do, they don’t want to do something else. After you lost your job, you would probably start thinking otherwise, but some really, really love what they do, and that is fine.

On the other hand, for some, path #1 is wrong, but they stick to it  because they don’t like changes. If you are one of those people, the choice will be easier after you lost your job…

The reason should be obvious. After you lost your job, you have a chance to choose something else, or you may even be forced to choose something else.

Whatever you choose ; it’s your life and you are responsible for your choice.

You’re still reading; I’m thrilled! You are definitely looking for changes. Read on:

Making changes, whether we do it voluntarily or we are driven to it (like if you suddenly just lost everything and you had to start all over again), can be hard.

Humans, You and Me, are actually very good at building habits. Changing them, might take some time. Habits have a tendency to stick with us (I’m sure you, like me, have tons of stuff you do because you usually do it).

The funny side of it is the reason we do it. Have you caught yourself in doing something and wondering why on earth you are doing that?   I have, many times, and then I laugh. I think it’s funny to find such activities. The more clumsy, the funnier… J


Where you are in life, does not decide where you will be in your future.

Every day is the beginning of something new.

We all have our daily tasks, but every day is different from all the others, one way or another.

Usually we get up in the morning, start our daily routines and keep flowing through the day without noticing what happens around us. Watching the news to get an idea of what the world is like today and routinely ending the day by going to bed.

The hours between getting up and going to bed are the most exciting hours of our lives. Those are the hours where we can make new discoveries, have new experiences and make ourselves grow.

Growing takes all the time needed, but not more.

By being aware of what makes our days interesting and what makes ourselves being ourselves – every day can be the beginning of finding our purpose in life. We need to focus. Believe it, or not, we do focus all the time, but do we focus on what is right in our lives?

Hard question, sorry about that, but you see, here is what can help you.

What makes you get up in the morning? Is it just the alarm clock ringing or is it your eager to start the day?

I read a quote the other day, and it just keeps my mind on the alert, looking for my honest purpose in life. That quote can also help you find your purpose, your why, to make your living more precious than until today.


If everything was taken away from you at a moments notice, and you were forced to start over from scratch you have two choices:

  • – you can start looking for another job or
  • – you can start building your new life.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is the one benefiting you more than the other. Whatever it takes, it is worth it, as long as you are the one making the choices. You know this; You are always the one who makes that choice. That is not a decision you can leave to others.

After you lost your job, it is easy to be overwhelmed by others suggestions and advice. You are easily offered advice or suggestions about something you can do. These nice people are not the ones who lost their job, they usually mean it well, but it is your decision, no one else. Especially after you lost your job, it is important to stay true to yourself, listen to what you want out of it, and start looking for that, not other peoples advice.

Your dream can be the solution for others. What you want to do, can be what is necessary in the world, to make their dreams come true.

Imagine yourself doing whatever you love to do. Then imagine how that can be an inspiration for others to make their passion their living. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Path #1 or path #2?

Your stuff matters, don’t ignore it or underestimate it. Within your stuff is all the passion and excitement you need for prolonging your life into infinity (or what you decide…).

What does it take to succeed – that’s the remaining question:

Below you will find two ways of starting (well, one way, but combine these two and you are bound to succeed one day, or sooner).


Let it clear you mind so your true self can make the right choice:

“You are here to enable

the divine purpose of the

universe to unfold.

That is how important you are”

– Eckhart Tolle                      

That’s a great quote, right? Now that you know how important you are, do you know how to succeed?

No need to panic, Read On:                                                         
  1. What do you think make people successful?

Talent?  …

Pretty looks?  …

Luck?    …


During the last couple of months I’ve been searching for scientific proof of success, and there are so many papers out there that all conclude that success is for everyone. Maybe not at once, there are a few things that need to be focused on and I found this funny and informal video from TED talks, that explain what it takes, starting in school already…

But, if you didn’t, don’t worry. You can start now!  (YEAH!!)

Watch this, it can be the change your life need.

Path #1 or Path #2, is not the question, you can find your success, and this is a great supplement to the quote above:

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perceverance by Angela Lee Duckworth

You may notice the fact that people who believe that changes in learning is possible, are also the people who seems to succeed in what they want to be successful with.

Did you know that you’ve changed, just by reading this and watching what you just watched?

Strange as it sounds; after you lost your job, you became the lucky person. You can start all over and become successful. Start with what you are good at, then expand by what you learn on the way.

You see, there is another interesting study that shows some remarkable things. Keep coming back, and you’ll get the answer one day.

It’s always a pleasure to answer the question people ask after reading such an article. I also appreciate your comments on this material. Please tell me what you think, and don’t be afraid to share it with someone you know could use this information. I appreciate you, thank you for reading.


  1. Hi! You’ve written a great and informative post, Odd Helge! It makes you think about your life and the things you want to achieve in it! Keep doing good job! Best regards!

    • Thank you Sandra,

      To be in that special situation, it’s easy to just accept what you automatically know. Presenting alternatives is a necessity these days, especially since there will be more and more of them.

      In that way, this only represent a small part of what is possible, but hopefully it help someone to look more ways than what is obvious.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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