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How To Believe in Yourself and Not Your Ego?

You should believe in yourself and not your ego, the stuff your ego tells you isn’t necessarily good. Why believe in yourself? It’s not an uncommon question, but we easily ignore it or let our ego make the decision. Your stuff matters, so If you care for your stuff, keep reading, this will help you out.

Let’s dig into the difference, what is what and what to believe, and even have a look at what believing is. Before we can answer those questions, we have to distinguish between Yourself and your Ego.

There is a difference, but it can be confusing.

believe in  http://www.ohingeneral.comYour personality and your ego have both something to do with you, but not in the same way so I will break down the difference to get a better picture of this confusion.

Your Ego has to do with how you see yourself, yes, but not in every aspect of seeing yourself. There is strong competition in the way that the Ego works. When you decide whether you do good or bad, you let your ego be in charge.

When you see yourself in action and comment on it, you see yourself differently than when you are in the action, accepting what is. Get it?

Yourself is the action taker who doesn’t decide how well you do or not. By accepting the straight facts and do the tasks, one after the other is how you get in charge of the actions.

Here’s an example:

When you are in the action, you do what you are supposed to do. For instance, if you are in the kitchen and make yourself some food. What you do and how you do it is controlled by the actions you take and how you perform. You do your best, but not better.

Accepting that fact is being you. You are aware of what you do, and accept the fact without telling if it’s good or not.

In this situation, your ego would tell you how you perform. If it’s good, your ego will tell you how much better those chefs would have done it. To keep you busy looking for other answers than the pure facts.

When you make the food and tell yourself how well or bad you do, you are in the action, but it is your ego running the shop.

Now, there is a little catch, because your Ego has all the directions from your surroundings. This might sound a bit weird, but still, you are a victim to your surroundings if you let your Ego run the show.

Yourself, as in you, act on impulse. This is very often called inspired actions. These actions are “not planned”, you just do it, because it felt right. When things feel good and you act on it, you are Yourself.

But, Hey; Ego is me, right?

yeah, in a way, but it is more like the experiences you have achieved over the years, compared to how other people would do it. Even compared to how you could do it better. I like to call it the color of your life got from your surroundings.

Is wanting to be better, bad stuff?

We learn something everywhere, not just in school. You know, Social interaction makes you learn something. We don’t have to be aware of it, but we do learn something.

  • The ways our family has an impact on our lives. We do get something from them as well.

  • When you get impressions from something, like radio, tv, movies, games, music and more, you get some of that colour into your life.

The actions are what your ego does because you believe they are the right actions to take. (Sometimes they are). When you do something, and you keep doing it, you will perform better. You don’t have to judge what you do. As long as you do it, you will automatically do it better the next time ( unless you wait too long…).

… and where is yourself?

On top of your actions. You are aware of a lot of other stuff when you’re in action. You also do a lot of other stuff you don’t even think about. You breathe, your heart beats, you feel the temperature, you move every part of your body. Your mind is at work, seemingly unconscious (or else we wouldn’t have a chance to do anything).

Topping this, your self is watching the complete session of actions. Think about it, if you didn’t just watch it, but had to decide what is good or bad, would you have time to react as you do?

Maybe not so easy to see when you are alone in the kitchen making that food, but it’s almost like someone else is there. Your egos actions are commenting on you making the food (the comments in your conscious brain).

Your self is the watcher, busy controlling what you do, like if you had a visitor. More than that;  every sound, every movement, and every other change. Yourself controls the situation.

Yourself is the part of you that makes sure that you are safe and that standing there making that food (I get hungry now, don’t you?) is a safe activity. Nothing else, just making sure that every movement happens.

Yourself controls your ego

Your ego is an active part of your life and does what’s “normal”, it is almost like it is on automatic. In a way it is. Ego is a reflection of what surrounds you and what activities that are normal around you.

Your self has control over your actions without any color or judgment. You can make sense of all your beliefs if you let yourself be in charge.

Your self have control over your actions without judgement
lunch (in the office ) in Italy

Being the better you, according to everything you have ever experienced, learned, and done, happens when you can let yourself make the necessary moves.

This is actually very powerful stuff, and We owe it, to whatever we believe in, to be led by this awesome system. Yourself is the part of you that makes sense of everything you do, want, and live for, without being judgmental.

If you believe that yourself is your ego, this happens

If all you do are the things that matter in your life, your ego might have a large place in your life. If your ego is in charge, you live more on automatic than you may want. It’s like everything you do at work, your actions are taken because someone told you how to do it, and “this is what we do around here”.

Any procedure is an action taken because someone taught you how to do it. When you start working on the good or bad stuff, you should be very careful.

If the procedure is something you do because you believe in it, that’s great, you can still be in control, as in having your self being in charge.

On the other hand, if it is a procedure you do because someone told you to, it doesn’t have to be that great. Normally you automatically start judging what you do, instead of just keeping to the action.

Whatever you want can be very different from what others desire, so in a way, Yourself has lost control over you, because you didn’t let your feelings about the actions be in charge.

If your ego is controlled by yourself, something completely different happens.

When you, as in Yourself, are in charge, you have a distance to what you do, what actions you take, and how well you do. Your actions are just a part of yourself and they don’t have to be in charge.

The greater you, Yourself, also has the control of yourself according to other people. The way you act around certain people and how you act differently around others.

You may have plans for your life, you may have dreams for your life how to believe in yourself and not your ego you don’t, get some!), they are all controlled by the greater you.

Don’t let this expression make it confusing on your spiritual beliefs.

This is about the conscious and unconscious parts of the brain, not the power you believe in.

Are we doing something wrong all the time?

Of course not. This just means that some of the tasks we do are not for us, but we do them because someone told us to do it, for some reason. Since we are doing something for someone else, we tend to rate the value of the actions. Our task is to do it, not to value why we do it. (There are too many reasons for it, so I will not get into that here).

What you can do to make sure you take care of yourself

First of all, you need to get aware of when you do what you do because you want to do it.

When you get to this awareness, you want more of it and other tasks will not get the same priority as they did before.

This little task is easy to read, hard to practice but lovely when finished.

The more you do because you want it, the more you will discover that life is a wonderful thing and you are on your way to finding some happiness.

By letting yourself be in charge, you will notice that your kindness and your gratitude changes your actions in a way that makes life easier and you get time to make those dreams real. (If you don’t have any dreams, get some, I mean it, it’s wonderful).

You will still be able to do what you don’t want,

but you also get ideas on how to change them into something you want. If that seems difficult, imagine yourself watching a movie, just watching what happens, and let it happen.

What you want in your life, is the fuel that makes you get up in the morning, smile, and take the actions you want to do.

There is nothing wrong with looking forward to every minute of the day because you have control over your life.

When your life is in your hands and you, as in yourself,

  • control why and how to take the actions.

  • When you can use your own dreams as fuel

you can be whatever you want, and you will notice that you Believe in Yourself and Not your Ego.

believe in yourself and not your ego make a huge difference

When Life Tells You To Do Some Changes – Change It.

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