How To Get Yourself To The Next Level

next level, the next levelA part of being human is the interest in what other people do. Reading about other people is a trigger to make us grow ourselves to the next level. It is not necessarily the people, but what they did. How can we use this to benefit ourself to make sure we get ourselves to the next level?


When you hear people around you talk of other people, they usually talk about what they did. Of course there are exceptions, but the main subject is what they did, not who they are. People talk about people they know, friend or famous, and occasionally about people they haven’t heard about. Again, it’s not the person they talk about, it’s what they did.

This is a good thing and a bad thing, depending on how this affects the reputation of the person you speak of. Gossip is of course a bad thing, but some are very good at producing gossip. It’s not worth listening to, because it’s usually more about what these people haven’t achieved in their lives that triggers it. In other words, they are usually talking about what they would want themselves. When, on the other hand, people speak of something that amazes you, it’s time to let the ear get in action.


This will be of great help to you, sooner or later. This trigger, the amazement, is actually a sign from yourself to yourself that you can learn something. You will probably be needing it sooner than you know. There are usually two reactions that are very common to the amazing stories:

  • You immediately understand that this is important to you. Sometimes you just take the immediate action on it.

  • You just give it a smile and let it go. You are not ready for it or you’ve been taught that this is something we shouldn’t listen to.


During a period of days (varying a lot, from a week to a year or more), you are doing a lot by habit. Some of these habits are good and you should keep them, but you also make new habits all the time that are not good. They keep you from doing what makes your lifes dream getting closer. We get triggered by actions that gets us closer to what we want by doing what we do. If we don’t like what we do, we do what we can to change it into something else. That’s a part of human nature. You don’t even have to know what you want in life, you are still working towards what you want.

When you notice that something is of interest to you, even without knowing why, you take the actions to get closer to the next level or you save it. Well, your brain does, but the brain seems to be attached to the body, and we should celebrate that fact more often…


We learn something all the time. Life is a training, all the time. I’ve noticed that many leave out the most important part in their daily training, called life. They have a tendency of doing what it takes to leave out anything they could learn from. This is a habit worth getting rid of. This only makes your goal a bit farther away, at least in time. Looking for the opportunities to get closer to where you want to be, is a very important part of life. These are the opportunities that helps you reach your goals, even if you didn’t know you wanted to. Life is about reaching the goals faster and get the new ones in action.


next level, the next levelDaily, I hear people talk about how happy they will be when they reach their goals. That’s great. The problem is that they don’t take the necessary steps to get there. By never listening to all the good stuff that exists in a conversation, they never get to celebrate the reach of their goals and simultaneously never get the pleasure to be excited over the new goals.


There is a faster way of getting yourself to the next level. Look for it, set the goals and be ready for it. Do what you feel is right, it might be wrong, but then you experience something very important. This lesson will then be a part of your growth to the next level.

There is no such thing as a failure. It’s just another way of experiencing what you need to get yourself to the next level. You want to, even if you don’t know it. Happy search for those opportunities.

Inside, you will find one of the opportunities that turned my life upside  down. Getting to look a bit differently at things, and at the same time finding where to start a serious search for what you want – makes my life more interesting, more exciting and I laugh more. I like laughing, do you?

“Each step you take reveals a new horizon. You have taken the first step today. Now, I challenge you to take another.”  

– Dan Poynter

4 responses to “How To Get Yourself To The Next Level”

  1. When it comes to life improvement I always take the time to listen because there is always something to be learned. I’m on a new journey in my life and I know that I have to take action to see them come into reality. This article has let me know that I’m going in the right direction.

    Life is training I never really looked at it like that before but that is very true we are learning everyday. It’s all about noticing and being aware of the changes that are happening in our life.
    Thank you for this article I have learned a lot. 🙂

    • I’m grateful for your visit to my site, Dawn, Thank you.
      Life is full of surprises and when you start noticing the details, you get that direction. I’m happy for you, that you’ve found yours. 🙂

  2. Great blog! I really love the whole aspect of it! Gossiping is a hard thing to avoid unfortunately you just have to
    surround yourself with positive thinking and like minded people.

    I will be following these instructions to get to the next level, i have many bad habits and am in need of breaking these to achieve what i want otherwise i will be stuck in this rut and wont get out of it!

    Thanks for the help Odd.

    • Thank you Gerry, I’m happy I could be of help. Keep your dreams alive and you can get what you want, whatever it is 🙂 Keep living well!

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