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Hi, You’re Looking For Stuff on How To Make Money Online

Hi, you’re looking for how to make money online. I did too, and then …

When you are looking for how to make money online, you find more offers than you can take, and everyone is promising you a trip to the moon and above. They can help you, they claim, and some can…

You want to be taken seriously and you will love coaching that help you to success.


My name is Odd Helge Hveding, a weird name in English, but it means sacred arrowhead, in Norwegian. I was, just were you are, looking for how to make money online,

You probably look for these criteria:

  • don’t eat up the time, but teach you how to leverage on the time and the work you do.
  • have all the trainings and tutorials you need to get a quick start and make great progress
  • You want it to be able to connect to what you’re good at and have knowledge about, which is a great start.
  • Is easy to get started and makes it fun while earning while you learn.

Except for the fact that I knew people made money online; I knew nothing about earning money online, zero, nada, absolutely nothing.

I found that very fascinating, so I kept searching, like you;


How Did You Find This Page?

We share some of the same passion, so here’ s what you can do for a living, if you’re up to it, or just make a few dollars extra per month.


  • Some earn a lot and some pretend to earn a lot.
  • The difference is very often the system they use and the training they get.
  • Most systems are without training at all, this is not.
  • Here you will find trainings for everything, and
  • you will be prepared for the big money to come, as long as
  • you do what you learn.
  • We learn,
  • implement and
  • act on it right away (or as soon as possible),
  • so what you learn can start making you money really fast,
  • while you learn something new.

I stopped looking for other options when I found this, because inside here,

My Lack of understanding how it works, was taken seriously.


Even now, when I’m stuck, I get in touch with the right people inside here and get the problems solved, right away. That is a lot cozier than sitting alone day and night to find out what the problem is.

This way, you  get the problems fixed fast, instead of losing time you can use your time for whatever you  want to do.

The real business model online, nothing else.

There are so many easy-come, easy-go solutions on the internet.

Truth is; they will always be there, and some of them can get back at you.

If you don’t take yourself serious, and your business , you will have a problem to succeed.


Everyone experience that, so if you don’t have a way of making you ready for the success, you need help for that. Inside here you will get to choose among a couple of programs that will help you.


Do them alone, when you have a couch?

Of course not, the coach have been outside of Your Comfort Zone for years. Time to get out and Visit someone on the outside of the Comfort Zone.

All the actions are there, all the tutorials, do them while you sleep and while the tutorials are fresh.

Alone or with a coach, doesn’t matter, just make sure that you use what Is working, and don’t do what doesn’t.

Taking action, if so, several times a day, is a great way to get to your success!


Exercise alone. And

Exercise with your coach. The more your exercise the better you get!

Find what you need to succeed and make  it is a natural part of your training and your actions.

You will become a part of a great team of people, and you want that. It’s nice to help each others to succees. Daily you can find the inspiration to move your business to the next level, and it saves you a lot of time. This way you also get a feel of the lifestyle you want.

Your time is your life, and you owe to yourself to use it in a way that makes you enjoy it.


There are tutorials and trainings for everything you need.

Do these trainings and you will learn

  • what to do,
  • how to do it and
  • what to avoid.
  • Some trainings are live and you will meet other people doing the same as you, and
  • you get to ask the questions you have, and
  • others may learn from that too.
  • Other trainings are playback, so
  • you can start and  stop and take action right away. In that way
  • you save time and
  • have more time to do other things.

This is also something that is great if you are looking for a part-time option. A lot of the people inside are working part-time this and everything from nothing else to full-time something else.

You can use what you do or have done as a part of your business, whatever you have been doing in the past or do now. By using something you’re knowledgeable about, you have the authority to be you, and applying that to this system is in your benefit. Anything you know can be used to succeed here.


What this system is?

The whole system is online. You just login on any computer and get started right away.

When you’re brand new you have to go through a fast start training.

This is to make sure that you

know what to do, and

how to do it.

It is set up for you, and all you have to do is follow the instructions inside.


At any time you can hit support if you’re stuck on something, they are good and very helpful.


When you finish the fast start training you start your daily tasks.

To succeed you have to do something. You have to tell the world that you are in business and when you follow the steps inside, you are on your way to make money online.

It’s easy to start.

You just watch the video below and fill in the form. The video prepares you more in detail how to get in action and what you can get from this complete system.

There is a 14 day moneyback guarantee. So you don’t lose anything by entering here and see what this can do for you


The longer you wait, the more time it takes to get started on your journey for a new or bigger income.

When the top people in the industry prefer this system to others, I don’t mind following them. They are not alone and someone has to make sure that they are ready to take their place when they retire, or  something…).

There are always someone that can help. (and) When they ask questions, I learn and so does a lot of other people.

Work alone from home?

It is easy to forget yourself and what you really are doing. This struff affects you in a bad way,  but you can make it good. Have a look at this:

Being completely alone is not good in any business, you lose the fire that drives you and makes your work easier.

This needs to be taken seriously.

Everyone has been there and everyone knows how lost you can be. You do need other people around you, and when those people knows what you are talking about,

they can also help.


When  you get help on a daily basis, it gets easier

When you get away from those bad habits or moments or thoughts, on a daily basis, life gets easier.

Working alone, and yet together,  is great.

  • You help others and they help you,
  • you learn from them and they learn from you.
  • We all learn from each other and we share all the good stuff, so
  • others can benefit from it too.
  • You don’t find that anywhere else.

Check this: STUFF – Your Online Office Where You Want It To Be


  1. AnisAnis

    I have been also jumping from an opportunity to another it sucks, I have also been scammed a couple of times.

    but know I have joined a site where I learn how to earn online and yeah its legit!

    You have mentioned a video but could not find it?

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post and have a great day!

    • Thank You for stopping by,

      we just have to look for the right signs and as long as there are possibilities to see what it is before you enter,
      it usually is great sites.

      There are many solutions, so finding what’s correct for you, might not be easy, but if you don’t try anything, nothing
      is definitely happening.

      I’ve fixed the broken link, so now you can watch the video.

      For your success Anis,

      Odd Helge

  2. It is definitely all about the system and support! You are in the right place, you just have to keep plugging along to get the results you are looking for. There are scams everywhere, anyone on this page looking for the right opportunity can stop now!!!!!

    • that’s very true,

      and if we all keep on warning about the scam sites and everybody helps the good ones, we make a difference for those comming after us.

      See you around Nate 🙂

      Odd Helge

  3. Hi, Odd!

    Thanks for the explanations and offers. it is a great post.
    Right now I have several options like Wealthy Affiliate, Mining Coins (scoin) great program, booming like hell; getting leads and even software for making doodle videos.

    You may check links on my site. All is or will be explained on my site.

    There are more valuable programs out there, and the one You are offering on this page is the good one as well, but for now, I am fine.

    You may check all the features of the programs on my site if You like!

    Wish You all the best,
    Happy Holidays,

    and talk you next …


    • Pleasure Igor,

      I understand you’re busy running your business, that’s great. I’m happy for your success.

      When everyone who is looking for their passion, find what they are good at and find the
      way that works for them, life is great for so many more people

      We all have our part to make the world a better place, so it’s important that we help
      each other to show what possibilities there are without trying to decide for others.

      What is good for you and what is good for me, will always be different, we are on different
      places on our paths.

      I wish you luck on your path, and we’ll keep in touch 🙂

      Odd Helge

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