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People, That Always Makes Everything Go Their Way?

We just love to do what we usually do…  but it doesn’t get right… How to be one of the People that always make everything go their way, seems to be a mystery…

How did you feel when you got up this morning?

Did you feel the energy that made you get up as quickly as possible,
so you could get into action? This might be one of the reasons why some people that always make everything go their way, like Kim Kardashian, for instance, or Catherine Zeta-Jones? Let’s dig a bit deeper into this mystery.

Have you ever been so passionate about something, you just HAD TO DO IT?

What you achieve depends on your goals, and how you act on them.


Hey, whatever you do, you will have a result you’re happy with, right?

Even if some say it’s a failure, and others just call it a bad result. You learned something, that’s the stuff that matters. Even better is that every failure can lead to success. How you deal with the stuff makes the difference; Your Stuff Matters, take care of it, and make it grow.

How to achieve what you want seems to have a lot of solutions, but are there really many successful solutions? How to phrase that question really depends on how you see things in life, and both you and I have asked ourselves that question. When you want to achieve your goals you have to make sure you’re moving in the right direction, so in many ways, this has a lot to do with what we do with our lives.

Everybody can succeed. There’s no hocus pocus.

The formula of success has been known for decades, but not everyone is aware of what it takes to succeed.

Let me ask again:

Have you Ever been so passionate about something that you just had to do it?

  • No one knows when YOUR SUCCESS will come.
  • Not even you.
  • Who you are, depends on what you believe you are. Here’s how it works:
  • If you want to be a failure, believe that, and YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE!

  • This works the other way around as well:

If you want to be a success, believe that, and YOUR WISH WILL COME TRUE!

So If you feel that your life is a failure, you should turn it around and make yourself a successful failure, because YOU’RE GREAT!

How About That Passion, That Dream?

When you have this passion for getting up, it usually is something else driving you. You get the energy from what you believe in and it makes your life like a walk in the park.

Never Had that dream?

If you had to say no to those questions you might not be in the direction your life was supposed to be. Somewhere along with the track things just didn’t work like you wanted them to, your inner urge was distracted and you lost track of your direction. That does not mean that you can’t find the track, but it’s just not so clear, maybe you’re on a sidetrack which eventually will lead you away from where you want to go, drag you away from your destiny (or what you like to call it)…

Another reason for saying no to this question could be a lack of concentration of getting there. Our brain works in mysterious ways and one of them is to constantly want more. To keep track of what you want we all have to remind ourselves about the goals we want to achieve, we have to dream or at least daydream about them, we need to believe that our goals gradually get closer until we are ready to make them happen.

it’s not too late.

If you had to say no to these first questions, it’s not too late. It never is. You can always make things happen the way you want it, but nothing will change if you don’t decide to make the changes. Anything you want can happen to you, but you have to do what is necessary to do.

A lot of us just get into the habit of doing whatever we use to do, once in a while we think it over and decide to make the changes to make things happen, and for a couple of days everything is fine, but we forget to do the follow-up on what we want and a few days later we keep on doing whatever we use to do.

Passion, the burning desire

Make things happen the way you want it, it needs to be taken care of and therefore you need to feed it. In a way, you need to challenge it because you need to decide how it should happen and when it should happen.

When you do that you will notice some changes, you will start seeing your direction, you will be able to get up in the morning, start the day with a smile, looking forward to what beautiful day this is going to be.

Your passion is in you,

find it,

explore it,

cherish it

and live for it.


Here one: it’s among other things about taking the action to get used to…

One of the major problems among human beings is a simple fact that we just love to do what we usually do…  we discover it, makes a change and… it gets a habit to do the first step of the change and nothing really happens…

The Roundabout

There are so many times during the lifetime I have found myself in a roundabout. Simply copying one day to another, and what it does to me? It makes all my senses go to sleep. I stop noticing what really is going on around me and I stop appreciating the things I really care about. Even worse is when it doesn’t matter anymore. Those periods when walking in this roundabout just makes me so dizzy that everything has lost its meaning and value in my life…

I know people who have been in worse situations and experienced this and at the same time, lost their job, family breaking up, long-term illness, and probably more. Everyone has experienced this one way or another, some more existential than others, some more dramatic than others. It does give life color, or a shade or a scar… but how do we solve it, how to get out of there?

Do not Stop!

Whatever you have decided to do with your life, you should not stop until you are there. Some of the time we all have our moments of “clarity”. Everything we want to change is clear to us, like a vision, a solution, a desire to be someone that matters. We love our business whether it’s private or professionally to be something that matters and we love it when our lives matter. It is important for us to make our lives worth living.

Seeing the importance of life, makes us start this journey into freedom. We set one foot in front of the other and take the first bold step toward the new ourselves. Slowly waking up to find that we didn’t do more.

We stopped after the first step, so happy for the hunt of the better and improved self that we forgot to continue, nothing more happened, we just took a different lane in the roundabout, made the world look a bit different, just one or two lanes closer to the exit, but still in the roundabout.

The obstacles

One of the obstacles in this life is a simple fact that we just like keep on doing what we usually do, so much, that we may change a few things, but let ourselves be dragged into the same circle of life. Life as it usually is, only with a twist. It doesn’t have to be like that, there are ways of getting out of there, but you may not like it, because you have to continue the changing and never give in until you are where you want to be.

My life has been a lot of things during my lifetime, some good, some not so good, but there is a reason why I discovered what to do to get out of this. I was tired of finding myself kicking my own but.

What I had to do?

I had to make a permanent change of something to make my life worthwhile. I wanted my life to be interesting for myself and at the same time I wanted to reach out a hand to others, being in the same position.

My point was that I needed to learn something that was valuable for me and at the same time gave me the possibility to help others in the same situation to help themselves.

So when I found the right combination of doing this, I just kept on doing what I was told to do, and I got better, and I still get better every day.

People  that always makes everything go their way loves Changes

By continuing my changes, and keep it changing until I reach my goals (and by then having new ones), with the help of a lot of people in the same situation, I manage to make my life meaningful, for myself and all the people around me. I just love being away from that roundabout.

You should find your way of doing this, but let me ask you one more thing:

Have you ever been confused?

Of course, that’s also a part of life. What usually happens is that we tend to stick with the confusion and go along with it until it’s over. Sometimes that’s all right, but some of the times this could be the beginning of a new adventure in life, the beginning of a new direction in life that could bring you all the things you dream of.

Maybe that doesn’t make sense, simply because being confused is not a good condition to be in. We don’t like to lose control over our everyday life and that is what we feel we do when we’re confused.

Make Confusion a Success! › people-that-always-makes-everything-go-their-way

To make confusion a success isn’t the easiest task, but it is possible. If you ask yourself why you are confused, you will be able to map at least some of the challenges that make you confused. By writing them down and entering their domain and start looking for solutions, you will sooner or later find a pattern of how to solve each one of them, instead of mixing them together and be dragged into a chaotic landscape of challenges.

When you have written down as much as you can identify, you should make a plan on how to solve these challenges, one by one. Then you will figure out what you need, to make it a reality, and when you’ve gotten so far there is just one step left. Make it happen.

How? you may ask.

well, you want everything to happen, that makes it utterly important to make a good plan and stick to it. Just change it if necessary, don’t change it if it works.

This way you could discover your hidden goldmines that are the real secrets of successful confusion.

Do you Exercise – what to exercise?

It is a global phenomenon that people are very eager these days to get to the gym for their daily exercise. Many of them are so excited over their physical shape, that they more or less get addicted.

I don’t have a problem with that. Let people do their daily exercises and get shaped up, but why not give the whole body a shape-up?

There is one thing we take for granted, our brain, the control center of the body. This incredible machinery does a lot of things that we can’t imagine ourselves. It is so complicated that no one has ever managed to reproduce it, well other than by giving birth to children.

The brain needs exercise also, but do you do it? We are able to be better persons through exercise. We can become who we want to be by training the brain, planting the images of what we want to become, and make a plan to make it a reality.

The first step would be to accept this as a fact and look for your potential.

Hopefully, you’re ready for your own good. Who wants a lazy brain, anyway?

Do you read?

You should read on a daily basis. Reading is a wonderful way of getting new ideas to make your life a happy place to be.

Of course, it matters what you read. You will be influenced by what you read, so what you choose matters to what you want your life to be.

Growth – what is that?

The other day I was sitting in my garden, enjoying the sun and the warm winds. This is quite rare this time of year in the northern parts of Norway. The trees were not moving, insects and birds flew around and the sun made it an almost magical moment.

The trees have grown tall in the last few years. I didn’t think of cutting them down, I just got aware of their growth. They stand quite close to each other. When one is stretching in the air, the others follow. It’s like they cooperate on getting taller, helping and protecting each other. The leaves and branches are growing in a way that makes them get as much light as possible and they share the space between them. When one tree stretch a branch in one direction, the neighboring tree will stretch its branches in another direction.

The Roots

During winter they protect each other against the strong winds from the north, keeping each other in place so they survive the hard winters passing by, ready to drink water from the earth and grow bigger in spring. Their roots are crossing underground, helping each other to help each other. It is fascinating how they cooperate and they’re wonderful to look at.

If the environment is unfit for the growth of the trees, they will eventually not manage to grow any further. They need environments that have enough space, enough water and light to thrive. This made me think of us, human beings.

The trees are not so different from us as we may think. We walk around, that is a big difference, but in doing so, we meet a lot of people and we do interact, take our space, make space for others, we are taking care of each other, helping each other. These are just a few of the examples of actions we do that is quite similar to that of the trees.

What is growth,

and in what way do we help each other to grow?

When we speak to our friends, we encourage each other to make the best out of life. When we have bad experiences, we comfort each other and make ourselves available. We do a lot of good. As long as the surroundings are in balance with ourselves, we experience safety and mental growth. As long as we surround ourselves with people that do us good, we are encouraged to mental growth and help to keep up the good spirits, everything is wonderful.

If the environment of the people around us don’t give us the safety we need or help us in a direction that is right for us, we should learn from the trees. Keep company with people you can cooperate with, to survive and have a good life. Surround yourself with people that represent what you want to be and your life will be in your favour.

So, How about it, still love to do what you usually do? 

without getting it right?

These are just a few ways on how you can become one of the people that always makes everything your way. Make it a mystery to others, that’s fun.

Have a nice life.

All the readers would love your comments and stories. Your experience can be of great help to others, so be sure to start spreading your help to others by commenting under here.

In Advance, and on behalf of all the other readers; Thank You for your contribution.


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