What A Nightmare It Was (a scenario)

Suddenly; You wake up. Panic! The alarm clock, it didn’t work! You Rush out of bed, into the bathroom and Then…

and then you remember https://ohingeneral.com small changes

you remember. Those days are over. You are not there anymore, it is different now.

You don’t want to get back to that time with nothing but worries.

Always worrying

about how to get those bills paid, sitting in that cubicle, not getting the work done properly because you worry too much. Your mind drives you crazy and you want peace, but everyone is too busy to help you on track, everyone having their own worries. The fear of suddenly be out of work…

Fetching yourself a glass of water, you look at what you made out of life the past couple of years. Relaxing when you see what you managed to change from barely having nothing to the point where you got able to build the house you wanted.

You didn’t have to choose

the cheapest kitchen, just buying the one you wanted. Looking at all the family photos from those wonderful trips all over the world. Everyone smiles at you because you made your dream a reality.

You remember

what a nightmare it was back then. Every morning, not really wanting to get out of bed, driving a couple of hours just to get to work, sitting for hours not getting things done your way, disturbed by long meetings.

and making those difficult calls to solve those problems that you really didn’t want. Get in the car, driving for a couple of hours to get home in the night. Exhausted, watching TV, sometimes forgetting to turn it on…


Looking back makes you wonder what made you tick…

Your vision!

You had your vision of getting away from it all, and you started your search for opportunities of getting out by starting small and grow into your new future, building your house, the one you wanted for so many years, just on the spot where you pictured it. The wonderful view that gives you the energy to live your life as you want it.

Building your future to be how you want it, from a dream to reality.

This possibility

that suddenly was there, the one you grabbed and believed in.

Helping others to make their future as they want, and still have the life you want. You made your interests become your work, and you decide when to work. Living life on your own terms.

You go to bed,

you have confirmed your dreams and look forward to work on your new goals. Those good ideas that suddenly made you see what life you can have when you go for it. You are a winner of life and you enjoy it.

Morning turns up, and you’re smiling. You know you did right by taking that small action. Just signing in with your e-mail and your world changed when you decided to go for it.

We are responsible for our own life, and what we do – makes it what we want, when we do what it takes. Now you remember…

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