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Your Stuff Matters – How You deal with it decides …

Looking for stuff? You can get stuff everywhere, online or offline. You have stuff and Your Stuff Matters. Better; You Are Stuff and That is actually Your Gold Mine.your stuff matters, free stuff, buy stuff online, make money online

YOU also have access to THE MOST PRECIOUS FREE STUFF YOU CAN IMAGINE. Your stuff matters, whatever it is. How you deal with it, decides whether you make a lot or not. You can make your life more fun by doing what you like. Before we go into that: 

What is Stuff?

According to some definitions at

  • “The material of which anything is made.”
  • “Material to be worked upon or to be used in making something.”
  • “Material of some unspecified kind.”
  • “Property, as personal belongings or equipment; things.”
  • “Something to be swallowed, as food, drink or medicine.”
  • “Inward character, qualities or capabilities.”

In other words – everything is stuff. It just comes in different packages, depending on what we are looking for. Let’s have a closer look at each of these definitions:

  • “The material of which anything is made.”

Whatever you think of, it’s made of some kind of material. The stuff is put together in a way that makes it useful. In other words, everything is made for a reason. We like some stuff and dislike some stuff, but why do you like what you like? Good question, right? Can you answer it?

  • “Material to be worked upon or to be used in making something.”

This kind of compounded stuff is used to make something else. Maybe you like to make stuff? When you’re painting, for instance or you’re baking, you use some kind of material to make something.

Maybe you have a hobby about creating something. Using one material and do some changes with it, that makes you confident. The more enthusiastic you are about it, the better.

Anything you like to do, that makes you feel good, can be called stuff that makes you free. How? Read on.

  • “Material of some unspecified kind.”

Some kind of stuff is filled into your couch to make it more comfortable, you may not know what it is, but it works.

This kind of material comes in very different styles, shapes, and more. We like it because it helps us the way we want it to work, but we don’t really care about what it is. We like to call it stuff to avoid all the technical details we don’t need to know. As long as it does what we want, it’s ok.

  • “Property, as personal belongings or equipment; things.”

We are all collectors of some kind. What we collect, differs a lot, but some collect absolutely everything, using all the space possible to be filled with all the stuff that is collected.

These collections can be valuable or not. Some collections just disappear in the lots of collections, which of course make it difficult to find. The most precious collections are taken well care of, but some collections should have been taken care of…

A lot of the stuff we collect can be lost or thrown away without it being a problem, but some of the stuff will be stuck, no matter what you do. Some is good, some is making problems. We need to deal with it, sooner or later, but what stuff that is, and where that stuff is?

  • “Something to be swallowed, as food, drink or medicine.”

What you eat or drink has an impact on you. You don’t have to like it, but it does. You are actually made of what you eat or drink. Medicine can be a help sometimes, but not always. Some medicines are subscribed for you to take, just in case…  Are your medicines doing what they should? Being causious to the amount and the purpose of the medicine is a smart move, as long as it gets into your body, it does something to your body.

Food, Drink, Medicine – they all do something to your body. Is it good?

  • “Inward character, qualities or capabilities.”

Your stuff inside are made from your upbringing, your own experience, your education and everything you do or don’t do in your life.

Your childhood made your start of life, good or bad, that’s what you start with.

Your grown life is what you did with what you got from the start. Did you make the right turns in life or are there something you would have done different, if you could?

When did you last learn something?


I know that stuff can be a lot of things, but as long as you know what your stuff is, it’s ok. You can profit from some free stuff on the internet and you can profit from paid stuff, without having to pay.

What kind of stuff you deal with, there is one thing that can help you make your life more interesting, if you want. Not if you don’t want…

The most important stuff in life is the stuff that makes you engaged in a way that makes you smile. When you smile, you have a good time.

Time is of the essence. The way we use our time means a lot to what quality we get from life.

Your hobby, it means a lot to you. Does it complete your life? They often do. At the same time, those hobbies can be a part of your gold mine, because it makes your life better. Do you have the time you need for your hobbies?


I know that a lot of people collect things, maybe you do, I don’t know that, but you’re welcome to start a chat about it in the comment field below. What you collect usually have a substance. It could be dolls, stamps, coins, magazines, napkins or elephants. You can collect everything. I know it might be a bit hard to collect elephants, but there is probably a way to do that too. I don’t recommend to collect them in rooms, but I know that very often there is one in the room…

It doesn’t matter what you collect, just that you do. There will always be others who does the same. The world holds about 8 billion people, and I don’t think it’s possible that there is a thing any person does that nobody else does. (It would be great though, but I still don’t believe it).

You and the rest of the people with that common interest should connect.

By connecting with others having the same interest, you invest in the better part of your life. You invest time on having a good time, where you get to be yourself and learn more about what has a meaning in your life. That is important. The better you take care of the good parts of your life, the better your life will be. At the same time, when you connect to others having the same interests, you contribute in making their lives better. Nothing beats that, and it’s free, isn’t that great?

Here is what you can do:

You could for instance make yourself a website, where you make articles on your passion. Then you create yourself a fanpage (just a name they use) on Facebook or other social platforms and invite people with common interests to join you. Chatting with people is a great way to connect, and you could learn a lot more about your collection.

 All you need is a place to make an exhibition of your stuff and tell people where they can get it, how you got it, why it’s such a wonderful thing to do or have.

You can get such a place in here, and you get it for free.

When you’re looking for stuff, you find there are different kinds:

  • information about the stuff
  • something you need
  • some that you would like to profit from
  • some you would look for without knowing why

there are probably more reasons, but let’s not focus on why  you’re looking for stuff, let’s have a look at what else stuff can be.




Believing in something is a part of the human nature. Some believe in changing diets while others swear to fitness. Others believe in changing others into what they believe in, and some like to believe that tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

There are many kinds of attitudes, some comes from tradition others from experience. Many people feel alone with their attitudes and keep away from their local community because they believe in something so strong.

Getting in touch with other people having the same opinion is often a very good answer to their problems. Another way of solving it, is talking about it, learning others about it and discuss it (not argue, a real constructive discussion is a lot better).


Here is what you can do:

You can make a website where you tell people about what you believe in. I know a lot of people doing just that. Some of them are doing that so well, they live from it. Having beliefs makes ut stronger.

There’s nothing wrong if you don’t have a strong belief, but most people have it anyway, except they have lost track of it. We all have a reason for doing what we do, and that’s after all where you have to start. You are where you are, but noone knows where you are going. (unless you know the direction… are you looking for your gold mine?)



“I have an idea!” heard it before? Been there? and the next day it’s gone, you didn’t know how to deal with it, so why bother…

Most of us have been there, but did you know that most of the greatest successes on earth started with an idea? Great people all over the world have had ideas, followed them, done the research necessary to find ways to make them real. From idea to reality is always possible, but the path to success is not usually a straight line. Testing, failing, testing again, failing, new tests, failing for a long time is quite common. One of the famous quotes about success is all about the path;

“I haven’t failed, I’ve just found 1000 ways that won’t work.”

                                                                           – Thomas A. Edison

I didn't fail!


If you have an idea, and you remember it the next day, go for it! It’s probably a part of what you are supposed to do with your life. This can be the great eye opener that turns your world around and make your life more exciting than ever before. When we get ideas, it doesn’t mean they are easily achieved, it means that they are something to live for, so we get to love the life we live!


Here’s what you can do:

Start your internet search, to see if anyone else have had the same idea. Don’t be disappointed if you find someone (8 billion people, remember?), but check out what they found interesting, and see how you can make it better. Is there a better purpose in life?

Every idea does not have to be that big. Small ideas are also great and can be of help for other people.


For instance: I had an idea a while ago, and here is how I started it;


Yeah, I know, maybe a little optimistic about a thousand people, but I will get there one day.

If you want to join you are more than welcome. There are still places left. And of course, I would be honoured if you shared it, so other people could join too.

You can sign in at the bottom of this site, it’s free and maybe you can find a way to profit from it. I just want the project to be an inspiration, but if you can use it, you’re welcome.



It’s funny what appears when you look for something. There is always something else that is interesting.

“If you don’t know what you’re looking for, it doesn’t really matter what you find either.

There is of course a way to avoid this. You have to decide what you look for and search, until you find it.

Here’s what happened to me:

I was looking for a way to get some reviews of some of my music. If I had the idea, someone else have probably had the same thought That was where I started.

And I was right. I found a site, nice and easy that gives reviews on music. What more; They Pay You To Give Them Your Opinion. I think it’s wonderful.

It’s possible to get some reviews from people you don’t know, and if the verdict is negative, you know what you have to work on before it’s released. Isn’t that great? Sadly, it’s not available in my country (Norway), at the moment, but I left my adress there and they told me to get back to me when they had something in my area.

You might be in luck. If you like music, you should sign in, give some reviews. Tell them if you like it or not and what it is that you like or not.

All the response they get goes straight to the musicians so they can work on it before release. You would be helping people, not for free, but Paid. (the amount varies, but money into the account is still money into the account).

Here’s the link to Slice The Pie (I like the name :-), if you’re interested: SliceThePie 

Here’s what you can do:

Be curious, and let yourself wander through the sites to see if you find anything of interest. When you start looking for something you don’t know what is, you have a great time wondering how people got the idea of promoting what you find. If you know what you’re looking for, don’t go straight to what you know is ok, always look for the alternatives. That’s what I did, and what I found was a lot better than what I first found.


Share it with the world. Someone will find it and help you. What you dream about, can be a reality. All you have to do, is what you  need to do, Do you know what you need to do?

Dreams or beliefs or other kinds of Stuff, is actually great ways of making life more interesting. I hope you got some ideas on how Your Stuff Matters. Physical og mental. The stuff you’re made of, can do great things for you.

Have a great hunt for the Stuff that Trigger You and your dream. Tell about your stuff in the comments below? I’m sure you can be the inspiration of a lot of people, don’t let the chance go by. See you around 🙂

Odd Helge

When Life Tells You To Do Some Changes – Change It.

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