Month: December 2016

and then you remember small changes

From The Shortest Day Doing Small Changes To The Brightest Future

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Today, with small changes, is a day closer, for us living above the arctic circle, to see the sun. Here, where I live, we will be able to see the sun at the end of January, if the weather allows it…

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How To Make Fast Money Is Investment In Plans

 How to make fast money can be easy. Your ambitions leads to your goals.You make your plans and take the necessary actions and keep that strong belief, that your investment in the plans is what leads you to make those fast money.

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Hi, You’re Looking For Stuff on How To Make Money Online

Hi, you’re looking for how to make money online. I did too, and then …

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How To Be Successful After You Lost Your Job

How to be successful after you lost your job, your income was taken away from you at a moments notice, and you were forced to start from scratch…

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Inspiration For Your Ambition, a Story About Building Boats?

Building a boat can be different things, like the inspiration for your ambition. All kinds of stuff can happen. I just love this story, but first…

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